Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rumors, Murmurs

1. Might Congressman Cao be switching parties?

There is confirmed chatter amongst local Democrats that this may be in the works. It would certainly make things interesting and might help Cao emerge out of a primary if other contenders end up beating up each other instead of the incumbent. Really, though, I'm not sure there's much of anything Cao can do in one direction or another to retain his seat. It certainly helps to vote in the interests of the district, as he did when he finally voted for healthcare reform the other day. If Cao departs from the GOP, it would certainly feed into the GOP purge narrative that Democrats are keen on playing up.

2. What is Karen Carter Peterson up to?

She's definitely running for Congress but won't announce until after the Mayor's race or even later. The Chairman of the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee, James Gray, has already seemingly endorsed Cedric Richmond. This is of particular interest because Gray is the father of State Senator Cheryl Gray Evans, who is Karen Carter Peterson's BFF. That could make things weird. And what does this say about Cheryl Gray Evans ambition, or lack their of, for higher office? The KCP development may contribute to the reasons why we're not seeing the local Democratic establishment follow the lead of national progressive organizations and the Obama administration in praising Congressman Cao's vote for healthcare reform.

3. Is State Sen. Ed Murray really a front-runner for Mayor?

Yes, just take a look at his fundraising totals for the quarter. For the lazy, that's nearly six hundred grand. We'll get a better sense of what's going on after the official deadline for campaign finance reports later this week.

4. Might we find someone other than Charlie Melancon to run for Senate?

A trustworthy reader wrote the old gmail account about State Senator Eric LaFleur:


He'd be the best candidate of the bunch. But his wife is pregnant with their second child, and she's due either this month or next. I don't think he'll be throwing his hat in the ring. It totally sucks, but I'd love to see Charlie get cold feet, which may be the only thing to make him reconsider. I think he's the Louisiana version of Obama ... young State Senator that gets young folks totally invested in government/politics again.

Not sure there will ever be such a thing as the Louisiana version of Obama but I'd love to hear more about Senator LaFleur.


Too Little, Too Late said...

Love the RECALL CAO signs along 4 blocks of St. Charles Avenue. He got those Uptown Republicans' panties in a wad.

E said...

A stunning contrast to the the RECALL CAO signs that were on the St. Claude Avenue neutral ground after he voted against the stimulus.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh hypocrisy everywhere....

....just like those sign-switchers, watch as bloggers who once opposed Cao will happily endorse him as a Democrat!

Different guy, different guy altogether, because then he will have a different sign himself.

Signs, signs everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't really matter because the 2nd congressional seat is going to be eliminated or vastly altered to make it a republican seat after the 2012 realignment. If the seat stay then expect all of St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Orleans, Jefferson, & St. John Parish to compose the district while Scalise's district will focus on the all the Florida Parishes minus Baton Rouge.

Ryan said...

11:11 AM Anonymous:

You can't make those #'s work with respect to population by putting St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Orleans, Jefferson, & St. John Parish in the same district, and then have all the Florida Parishes minus BR comprise the CD that Scalise currently represents.

All the districts must be similar in population, so I really don't see how they're gonna get rid of the 2nd CD by merging it with something else. More likely than not, we'll see the 4th and 5th merged, or perhaps the 5th and 6th.

Anonymous said...

Watch that Murray fundraising total: $150k is a personal loan. (see this site: That ain't so special in this race. Even J-Moneybags didn't loan himself cash and raised $532k.

Really, he raised $190k, not bad, but not equal to Georges.

AshleyCrimaldi said...

What do you guys think about all the press Cao has gotten after this? Will it hurt or help his career?

mominem said...

Cao is still a one termer. No way to fix that unless Louisiana no longer has a majority (60 % +) black district and the DoJ won't let that happen.

Cao will most likely stay in DC as a some form of consultant/thinker.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the best source for insight into Republican political strategy is exactly "chatter amongst local Democrats"? Seriously?

To speculate that a newly elected State Senator isn't immediately running for Congress is evidence of "political ambitions or a lack their off" doesn't really make a lot of sense given how the Leg Black Caucus works here. It's mostly about who's next. Charyl aint next.

As far Ed Murray's fundraising making him a front runner I guess you could say that. Doesn't mean he's going to win though. If I remember correctly no front runner for the mayor's race has won in what - 20 years?

It's like bragging your the tallest midget I guess?

One of the commenters pointed out his loans. I think he's up to 200k not 150k.

What you really need to be looking at is what he's spent and cash on hand.

He's spent a staggering 260k and I believe he's only got about 100k on hand.

Isn't that about what Perry has? Me thinks someone has been playing possum. LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice post by the last anon above. Bring that guy around more....'s another question:

What is the mood of the New Orleans electorate?

The candidates are same-old-same-old, but where are the people right now?

What do the voters want? I heard Sylvain on wbok a while back saying there's some poll out there that says people don't want a "businessman". But do they want a fixture? A house plant like Murray? When do the anti-Copelin commercials come out against Murray, or don't they?

And who's the stand-in for Nagin's krewe? Is it Georges?

E said...

"I'm not sure if the best source for insight into Republican political strategy is exactly "chatter amongst local Democrats"? Seriously?"

Democrats might know something about somebody thinking about joining their Party. It's at least plausible. Sometimes I can't do better than plausible.