Tuesday, December 16, 2008

General Strike Called For Jan. 9th

Silence Is Violence looks to make a big statement.

As we approach the second anniversary of the SilenceIsViolence march to City Hall, it has become clear that we once again need to take action. Last year, we stood in front of City Hall and read the names of every citizen who had been killed over the previous year. We did it without a permit, because the city officials responsible for granting permits refused to return our calls. Some of you were there with us; most inhabitants of City Hall were not.

What could possibly get their attention? With their sights so tightly focused on commerce, perhaps the only thing that would get their attention is if we all stayed home and demonstrated what the city would be like without us. When neighborhoods and communities are paralyzed by crime, when tourists stay away out of fear, when young entrepreneurs move elsewhere to open their new businesses, tax dollars are lost and economic energy is stifled. A one-day citywide strike would send a very concrete message of how important our daily safety is to the city's functioning. But, realistically, few of us can afford to call in sick for a day, so we've come up with another variation.

We ask that everyone join us on Friday, January 9th in a citywide "Strike Against Crime." While this strike does NOT require that people stay home from work, we do hope that each of you will find some way in which you can participate, and spread the news to your colleagues and friends.

WWL covered it here.

It is important to me that this be more than an expression of frustration over the crime rate because crime is symptomatic of a social justice deficiency.

Calling out City Hall for its constant adoration of "commerce" at the expense of all else is a hint.

There's a lot of work to do before January 9th.

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