Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Mayoral Campaign?

James Perry of the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center is giving it some thought, I'm hearing. GNOFHAC is one of my favorite local orgs.

The effort would be an uphill climb, he'd need to start right now.


Anonymous said...

James is the best thing that has happened to the city in ages. He is a housing advocate. He is a preservationist. He is a neighborhood leader. He IS THE FUTURE OF NOLA!!!!!

E said...

I know!!!

He lives in James Carter's council district right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, James lives just off of Esplanade Ave. He is one of my fav ppl.

Schroeder said...

If one believes his campaign manager, the rumor is true.

Anonymous said...

Does one have a campaign manager without serious consideration of running?

Civitch said...

This is such an earth-shattering-ly wonderful possibility that I can barely believe it.

James is everything any good citizen would want in a mayor. He's honest, fair, and has a vision. He has no ties to any particular political establishment. He would appeal to black, white, rich, poor, young and old. He's wise beyond his years. And he's a LEADER.

Maybe this was the hell-freezing-over event foreshadowed by last week's snow.