Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Notes

- The T-P picks up on Blakely's sad hypocrisy. While criticizing his staff's inability to function in his absence, he continues to maintain a hectic consultant schedule after accepting a new gig in faraway Dubai. (First reported guess where)

-From the no duh dept: White candidates have benefited from the disproportionate injustice perpetrated on African Americans by governmental response to Katrina.

What annoys me about the whole electoral situation is that you'd never know there's even a 50-50 black-white split. You'd think African Americans made up just 10-30 percent of the population given how conservative our excuse for political discourse tends to be.

The hopeful element is that there is ample room for coalition building between African Americans and progressive whites. African Americans politicians are going to need to break away from traditional over-reliance on the vertical BOLDs and COUPs of the world to mimic the horizontal Obama coalition on the municipal level. White progressives need to stop simply working to deconstruct old corrupt machines that tend to divide us on racial loyalties rather than political ideology.

That's going to take a lot of time and effort to accomplish given the power of ultra-conservative and supremacist interests in the greater region.

- Colin Powell won't admit that the Iraq War was a mistake but did have the common sense to recognize the best way not to make that non-mistake again by endorsing Barack Obama. Forget the Meet the Press appearance because his mini session with the press gaggle is a much more stirring and emotional explanation of his decision:

Powell specifically references the downright scary sentiments of Congresswoman Bachman from Minnesota, which left Chris Mathews largely speechless for the first time in his life:

Also see John McCain lie through his teeth in defense of his indefensible robo-calls, a good follow-up to General Powell's repudiation of the narrow-minded 21st Century GOP:

Finally, McCain's recent equation of Barack Obama's proposed middle class tax cuts to "welfare" is absolutely revolting. As someone that has a cursory knowledge of the history of post WWII political communication in the US, there is no doubt in my mind that this construction is solely designed to incite racist emotion. Does anyone disagree with that? Admittedly, my educational interests might make my reaction to this latest BS more emotional than most. Are other people feeling dizzy from this?


Oh and Lolis Eric Elie tries to trade Ray Nagin's expiring contract and finds there are no takers.

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