Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blakely Takes Another Job?

Is his abject failure to rebuild one city making him bored?

Apparently, as Ed Blakely is now getting paid for his 'expert advice' by the Dubai Real Estate Corporation.

This is in addition to his supposedly full-time job in New Orleans and his occasional jaunts back to his regular university job in Sydney, Austrialia.

That the international consensus on Blakely is that he's an expert in spite of the local consensus that he's incompetent, unavailable, misinformed, and disengaged is not that surprising. Sometimes it takes a little while for the truth to trickle up.

What I'd like is for Blakely to just stay over in Dubai full time. I'm sure the DREC pays way better than we do.

He shouldn't feel some altruistic obligation to see through his failures to term, he's done enough for us already. He should resign from the Nagin administration to fully concentrate on his other projects. We'll even throw a parade for him.

Here's a devastatingly sad passage from a T-P article from earlier in the week:

Ed Blakely, the city's recovery director, acknowledged the city has no economic development plan, but still endorsed grants for some businesses that didn't provide basic information about what economic benefit their projects would bring.

Trust the experts, Dubai.


We also now have another instance of Blakely admitting that he lacks control over his own staff.

Every hour that he is away from his desk means another hour that “nobody is working,” the jet-setting University of Sydney, Australia, professor said.

Cohen does a great job using 'jet-setting' as a modifier there. Now I don't even need to point out that maybe if Blakely spent more time at his desk, he might have more control over his staff. Also the article provides some context by recalling Blakely's embarrassing interview with the New York Times in which he complained about the insubordination on his own staff by somehow blaming it on the racial tensions of the city.

Is this the first executive job of Dr. Blakely's career?


jeffrey said...

Just make sure he behaves himself on the beach

alli said...

Devil's advocate: from everything I've heard, the consensus of those in the planning field (locally) is that he has an impossible job. His office only has $400 million to do $20 billion worth of projects. In this case I think the money is more important than the guy. $400 million doesn't get a lot done.

Plus, planning can only do so much when FEMA says, "Build it exactly the same in the same spot or no cash from us." Blakely's hands are tied in a lot of ways.

E said...

My understanding is that he can't even manage his own staff. He has created no economic development plan. He has done nothing to stimulate growth in his target zones. A tax abatement blueprint doesn't cost a freaking dime.

Schroeder said...

alli, devil's devil's advocate.

A word once in a while from the guy might help us understand the ways in which his hands are tied.

Instead, it's promises, promises, and then, "that was much harder than I anticipated."

Where's the vision? Where's the PR job to explain what resources he needs for which projects?