Saturday, October 18, 2008

Don't Care NOAH More

Gordon Russell ostensibly proves that Mayor Nagin's promises to obtain reimbursement from fraudulent NOAH contractors was a lie. He certainly hasn't been on his brother-in-law about it.

Records provided by the Nagin administration this week indicated that only nine contractors responded in any fashion. And most of those, the records showed, provided no evidence that they completed the work, such as pictures.

Still, city officials told 18 contractors last month that they need not provide further documentation, according to copies of letters released by the administration.

The letters show five contractors were cleared after city officials determined they had met their burden of proof. The other 13 received letters saying that "upon further review of the city's files and field reports, there is no additional information required at this time."

What a sham of an administration this is. Unbelievable. How could they think there would be no follow-up?


Civitch said...

When a man has no shame, it is not possible to shame him.

jeffrey said...

But they are correct in assuming it will go away.

Civitch said...

I won't concede that it'll go away as long as Cerasoli and Letten are investigating. But I do agree that that's what the administration is counting on.