Monday, October 20, 2008

Scalise, Bipartisan? Puh-lease!

Did Appointed Congressman Steve Scalise really just claim to have had a record of working across party lines?

Yes, it looks like he did.

The claim couldn't be further from the truth as Steve Scalise has been amongst the most partisan in Congress.

It's an interesting tactic for someone running in what is supposed to be one of the nation's reddest Congressional districts. Would Congressman Scalise like to back up his claims of reasonable moderation by, I don't know, rejecting and repudiating the endorsement of racist State Rep. John LaBruzzo? Rep. LaBruzzo proposed a revolting and roundly-rejected eugenics program a month ago.


Wait, a minute...

Where's that link I like to use?


One of these lists of Steve Scalise endorsers doesn't look like the other. This is a screen shot from October 6th. And here is the same site in its current form.

What was the catalyst for the removal of Rep. LaBruzzo's name? Why did it take a whole month for Congressman Scalise to do so? Does he wish to explain why he made such a decision?

Repeated calls to the Congressman's campaign office have not been returned.
I will be happy to let them speak for themselves in this space if they'd decide to get back to me.

Ditto Rep. LaBruzzo's office, who has not returned an email seeking comment. He may not yet know of the slight from Scalise.

Because there seems to be no official explanation for the removal, I feel it reasonable to infer that the campaign is trying to have it both ways. By removing the endorsement, the Scalise team may be hoping to deprive Jim Harlan of a potential rallying point, given that the LaBruzzo eugenics plan became a point of national embarrassment. Yet by doing so in the quietest way possible, Scalise may be betting word does not spread his racist base of Jefferson Parish GOP stalwarts.

It's also fascinating that Scalise kept the endorsement from LaBruzzo online for quite some time even after LaBruzzo had been stripped of his post on the health committee (by a Republican) and was mostly thrown under the bus by the vast majority of his party's leadership, including Governor Jindal.

Only now, after those darn local bloggers kept hammering him on it, has Scalise made an unannounced adjustment.


Maybe my friends working in the mainstream media will have better luck getting their phone calls returned.

And once again, my offer for uninterrupted space for comment from either Congressman Scalise or Representative LaBruzzo stands.

Ditto for Jim Harlan, if he'd like to comment.

Why not?

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