Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mitt Romney Gets Black People. You Guys Like The Thong Song Right?

Here he is yesterday calling Barack Obama "well-spoken" a bunch of times.

Real classy.

Now let's remember how Mitt Romney learned so much about African Americans when he studied them on the observance of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday earlier this year.

Mitthew, Mitthew, Mitthew. Black people are not going to just up and disappear. You're going to have to download some new software onto yourself in order to better figure out how to be "well-spoken" when talking to or about the African American community. Right now, at least, I'm having trouble understanding your multimillionaire Mormon slang language. By saying Barack Obama is a "well-spoken celebrity," you mean he's black?

If you need room on your hard-drive, try deleting your 'pandering to the left' application because you haven't used it since you claimed to be to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay marriage. While you're sending things to the recycling bin, might as well just go ahead and also clear off your respect for yourself.

Mitt is himself a lot like an "internet date" in that when you finally see him in person you realize he's just a pedophile in a creepy sweater.

Another note on "internet dates" is that eharmony.com, one of the nation's largest internet dating services was founded by a fundagelical named Neil Clark Warren. Mr. Warren has close ties to James Dobson and bars homosexuals from using his patented dating service by refusing to provide browsing or registration options for those wishing to form relationships with individuals of the same sex. I wonder if Warren and Dobson will be helping to bankroll Romney's internet date with the VP slot even though he used to claim to be progressive on gay rights.


Schroeder said...

"Who let the dogs out"???

Jesus H. I understand now where that brilliant little flourish of rhetoric was inspired.

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