Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How Much Longer Can Shepherd Afford Not To Resign?

Embattled and embarrassing State Senator Derrick Shepherd has put his mansion up for sale. I'm sure he could use the money for his legal defense fund as his need for legal defense grows proportionately with the passage of time. Certainly, the Senator's finances must be critical if he indeed punched his girlfriend and stole her $100.

If Senator Shepherd is in such dire financial straights that he commits battery, theft and then puts his own residence up for sale, it follows that his Senate office must not have a whole lot of money left in it. It must be that Shepherd's formerly-loyal donors aren't exactly lining up to contribute to his legal defense. (Or of course they're just stretched too thin by the staggering number of locally-based legal defense funds demanding contribution.)

Wouldn't it, at this point, be wise for Senator Shepherd to vacate his seat in Baton Rouge so that he can concentrate on selling his home and lining up old friends to help him avoid prison?

Wouldn't that be in his own selfish self-interest?

(Since he obviously gave up on serving the peoples' interest a long time ago)

What am I missing? What keeps him in office?

Is he waiting for the puppet masters to hand him a consulting job in exchange for resignation? Is he waiting for immunity in exchange for testimony against Jefferson?

He's way too desperate to care about his pride right now. I think when you steal $100 from your girlfriend, you've taken pride out of the equation.

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to his girlfriend's resignation also when she is charged with falsifying the report. or will she be?