Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NOAH Big Suprise

The Times Picayune is finally cooking with gas.

They've written about how former NOAH executive director Stacey Jackson may have used insider ties with NORA to acquire a property in Central City that had been sought by a Church nonprofit hoping to build affordable housing. Under the control of Ms. Jackson, the property languished and was not improved. Last month, Jackson finally sold the property to the church group for a big profit.

Not only did Ms. Jackson hold ransom a church group but she held up their efforts to build affordable housing. Despicable.

Lee Zurik
also remains on the case and that link will get you to video.

His latest describes Stacey Jackson's ties to Sterling Doucette, another NOAH contractor. Apparently Mr. Doucette is currently living in a property owned by NOAH. In 2004, NOAH paid Mr. Doucette over $300,000 to work on that property. Additionally, Mr. Doucette owns a property elsewhere that was donated to him by NOAH.

Perhaps the most troubling item revealed by Zurik is that Stacey Jackson was given the absolute authority in March of 2007 to make real estate transactions on behalf of NOAH without any board approval. Two board members cannot recall any meeting where such action was taken but cannot find minutes.

The document was signed by Shantrice Dial, who is noted in the paperwork as board secretary. But board members said Dial is not on the NOAH board and is not the board’s secretary. According to the non-profit's web site, she is a special projects coordinator.

According to the Secretary of State's web site, Dial also has business interests with Stacey Jackson, as a co-owner of Jackson Dial's Furniture Gallery.

Ms. Jackson has wisely lawyered up and it would seem many of her business associated will be taking the same precautionary step. Now that it is painfully clear that Ms. Jackson is the target of a criminal investigation, it is important to shine a light on the dysfuncational systems that allowed her to so wantonly violate tax-payer trust. NOAH's board of directors certainly will have to provide answers. NORA will also have some explaining to do.

Clearly, the NOAH scandal will be a fixture on the news and in the paper for the forseable future. It will be interesting to see whether it mutates into a scandal of another acronymn.


Anonymous said...

The NOAH/NORA nefariousness will soon entangle ORDA.

E said...

I have no doubt you are right.

Anonymous said...

o o o I can't wait

swampwoman said...

Zurik has another follow up on the NOAH mess tonight on WWL-TV at 5 and 6 - check the website if you miss the broadcast

swampwoman said...

Don't know if you saw this in the TP letters this morning that that Cindy Windy's brother was in on the NOAH handouts too - the link


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