Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Public option gaining steam? (updated)

Polls are showing support for the public option holding steady or growing. I am starting to believe that the pressure exerted from the grassroots on this aspect of healthcare reform could ultimately prove to have worked. Progressive dissatisfaction with Democrats for waffling on the issue is being noticed in incumbent campaign bank accounts to the point that I think Harry Reid's only chance at reelection is to be perceived as a fighter for the public option.

Today, Organizing for America and others have called on supporters of healthcare reform to inundate members of Congress with over 100,000 phone calls.

Here is how you can team up with OFA to do that.

Senator Landrieu and Congressmen Melancon and Cao are right in the middle of this and their votes carry considerable real or symbolic influence.

They must hear from their constituents. Please take five minutes to be a part of this effort.


I made my calls to the D.C. office today.

Have you done yours yet?

Congressman Cao's staffer was very friendly and she willing to discuss the Congressman's position for good amount of time. We bonded. Senator Vitter's office noted my call. Senator Landrieu's office didn't pick up the phone after 10 rings.

Organizing for America shattered their goal of 100,000 calls to Congress. They've more than doubled it, as a matter of fact.

Update II:

Senator Mary Landrieu says
she doesn't like the public option because she suddenly doesn't like medicare and medicaid. I didn't know she had such distaste for those programs. That's the first time I've ever heard her say anything like this before and I find her logic to be quite misleading and discouraging.

I don't think she'll join a GOP fillibuster but given the momentum for healthcare reform right now, her recalcitrance is deeply troubling considering the promises she's made to working families in Louisiana over the course of her career.


Papa Bear said...

why actually do something, when complaining is so much more fun.

E said...

Winning is better than complaining. I can attest to that as a Phillies fan.

Viclife33 said...

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