Wednesday, October 21, 2009

David Duke Vitter

This is worst kind of politics. A sad legacy is revived as David Vitter's reelection strategy.

It takes one second to issue a press release condemning Keith Bardwell. We're still waiting on Senator Vitter.

Update: Vitter still unable to bring himself to call for the judge's resignation or to condemn his actions as racism.


Clay said...

He has, but his comment is crap:

Anonymous said...

This is awfully similar to logic used by "Birthers" on Obama. You know, just saying...

Anonymous said...

And calling him David Duke? Wow.

E said...

Vitter is playing to the same crowd Duke did. In many ways he always has but now he's underlining it. If Jindal can call for this judge's head, so can Vitter - but he won't because Vitter needs the Duke vote next fall.

Anonymous said...

So that makes him a former grand wizard of the KKK? That's a mammoth inference.

Looks the La. Democratic Party is taking one out of the Rovian playbook, ala South Carolina. Anything to get Melancon elected, I guess.

I'm not saying that he's not playing racial politics, he is. But what your doing is reckless. You know there is a much more nuance here and your ignoring it -- on purpose too.

Following your logic, I could say, "Well I never heard him E say the Holocaust was real, so he must be denier." I havem't heard the Pope denounce the JP, he must be against interracial marriage too.

Seems you never took logic in college.

G-FUNK said...

E - I gotta say I disagree with 100% of your politics but from what I've seen u are fair most times. This here is just outrageous. You silly white liberals think that just b/c you voted for Obama (soothing your white guilt in the process) that you have the authority to play the race card on any white person / politician who doesn't go along with your / Obama's utopian fantasy's.

I for one am offended by the Bardwell guy...and I have way more right to be offended because my wife is a different race than I and I have a beautiful "bi-racial" child. I'm offended but I don't expect every single politician to speak out on every single offensive thing that happens in the country.

Typical liberal. When in doubt, play the race card.

Anonymous - liberals don't do logic and facts, only emotion

Anonymous said...

I don't take umbrage with his politics, just his and La. Demos tactics on this one.

It's hypocritical. And they're using the same logic that is used against Obama by Birthers.

C'mon, he's David Duke? Wow.

Clay said...

One quick fact: David Duke's successor to the Louisiana 81st District House seat was David Vitter. David Vitter's successor was John "Final Solution" LaBruzzo.

Anonymous said...

One quick fact: David Duke's successor to the Louisiana 81st District House seat was David Vitter. David Vitter's successor was John "Final Solution" LaBruzzo.

So this means he's David Duke? Wow.

So because all those guys are racist it means he's a racist? Wow.

I guess my racist aunt makes me racist too.

For the record, I don't like Vitter, nor am I conservative, but you guys are looking laughable, here, especially when you count the real material you have.

Oh, and Vitter will still win by 15 points.

E said...

Did I go overboard to suggest that Vitter's contrived silence on this issue is related to his need to mobilize racial populists in the tradition of David Duke? Is it just the post title that is getting people worked up? I don't think that the substantive point about Vitter's strategy to play to racist and prejudiced voters is inaccurate or unfair.

Anonymous said...

So be a man say whether you think he's a racist? Be a man and say it.

Anonymous said...

What I am I supposed to infer when you and local democrats compare him David Duke?

G-FUNK said...

E - return your race card to the obama headquarters.

Just cause u voted for a black man and went to a few 2nd lines don't give u the right to pull it from the bottom of the deck

Clay said...

It looks like the reject commenters around here.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you ducked my question, Clay.

You said: "One quick fact: David Duke's successor to the Louisiana 81st District House seat was David Vitter. David Vitter's successor was John "Final Solution" LaBruzzo.

What do I imply from this? Vitter=Duke? That Vitter's a racist?

E said...

I'm with ya Clay. It's sad and embarrassing that people are finding it more objectionable that folks are pointing out an instance of racism and the concerted use of racism for political benefit than the actual instance of racism itself or the actual use of it for political benefit.

Calling out racism has not ever been and will not ever be somehow equivalent to actual racism.

I think there is a hypersensitivity to the charge of "racism" or saying that someone is a "racist."

I have never met David Vitter. I do not know how he truly thinks about or treats people that are different from him. I would say that David Vitter's behavior in this instance - calculatingly avoiding condemnation of blatant racism so as to consolidate political support among people supportive of racism - is indicative of either a deep selfish cynicism, an inherent insensitivity on matters of race, or a combination of both.

Anonymous said...

Again, no fan of Vitter, but there's some bigtime crawfishing going on here.

You seemed so sure with the headline.

"I have never met David Vitter. I do not know how he truly thinks about or treats people that are different from him." Wow!

But you do know enough to tar him as a racist? So does Vitter=Duke as you suggested?

Has Melancon denounced the JP? Not sure I heard, maybe he's David Duke too.

Well, following the poor logic here. If he were to win the seat, since Duke=Vitter, then Melancon=Vitter, which means, uh=oh, Melancon=Duke.

E said...

I suppose I'll concede that the headline is sensational but not totally in appropriate given that I stand by the sentences and paragraphs in the post and the comments.

What we're left with here is Vitter's explicitly Duke-esque political strategy to pander to and mobilize bold-faced racists.

For the record, here is Melancon's statement in which he calls for Bardwell's resignation.

"Justice Bardwell's actions regarding interracial marriage reflect poorly on Louisiana, and I believe Justice Bardwell should resign his post. It's the responsibility of justices to follow and enforce the law, not interpret it to their own liking. Justice Bardwell has allowed his personal beliefs to interfere with his duty to uphold the law."

Do I think that is strong enough? No. I think Melancon is being cowardly in failing a specific denunciation of the man's beliefs and in failing to call racism racism. But he certainly goes much further than Senator Vitter.

AJ said...


Vitter's two step on the Bardwell issue is just pitiful. Between the fake family values line he hurls around and the pandering to anyone who will waste a vote on his lack of leadership... it would be laughable if Louisiana didn't actually need strong leaders.

Bottom line, it's time for both he and Bardwell to go.

Clay said...

Actually, my point wasn't about Vitter, per say. I was pointing out how crappy the 81st district voters are.

As someone who was born and raised in New Orleans, I can say with absolute certainty that there are a hell of a lot of racists in that district.

Although, if Vitter chose to run in that district (he moved into it for the purpose of running; he grew up Uptown), his choice of districts is illustrative, as you point out.

riceroni said...

I'll say it... DAVID VITTER IS A RACIST SCUMBAG!!! I live in Louisiana and Vitter's district (North Louisiana) is one of the most racist in the nation. He really pander to their bigotry and know how to embark them to vote their hatred instead of their best interest.