Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Obama's fault!

Here's a hypothetical scenario that I'd really like to collect reader thoughts on.

If the President or local Congressperson were to propose a $20 billion program to fund a variety of Gulf Coast infrastructure projects and social programs, would it pass? What if it were $10 billion? Or $5 billion? What do you think the tally in the House and Senate would be?

My initial assumption is that there would not be sufficient votes in either chamber but I haven't given it a whole lot of thought.


Anonymous said...

Not right now and frankly, I don't think there will be anytime soon. It's not for the lack of desire or seriousness of the issue, I believe its because we have alienated so many politicians from our poor management of the funds given during Katrina that they don't want to risk another financial scandal or program that gets so fubar'd by our local govt.

G Bitch said...

Saving NO isn't sexy enough. Too many still think NO flooded because of a hurricane, which makes spending $5B or $20B or $1M seems kind of stupid--it looks like we can't survive a storm, which is wrong because we did survive the storm, just not the federally-designed and -built and taxpayer-funded levees. That story is not known well enough or by enough to get anything passed. Right now anyway.

I just depressed the hell out of myself. I'm waiting to be very, deeply wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy this argument that the president cant pressure congress to get what he wants. That's essentially you defense of Obama's inaction in New Orleans--he's constrained. Watch him find the billions for Afganistan.

No one said there was any chance in hell we would get the last 3 billion for road home, and we got it. There is no "Katrina Fatigue" except here in New Orleans among activists who give up on the conscience of America. You honestly think they missed the story about Memorial in the New York Times? You think that after the NYT finally did a story on St. Bernard--the result of a lot of agitation locally, including the "pledge" (which this blog declined to sign on), that suddenly HUD is pressuring St. Bernard to drop it's racist laws by coincidence? We get what we fight for and most of the time we fight for only what we think we can get.