Thursday, October 15, 2009


According to LJI, the State Fire Marshall made a surprise visit to MLK Charter in order to nitpick enough to order it closed in advance of President Obama's visit.

For Immediate Release
October 15, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon, October 13th, the Louisiana Fire Marshal made an unexpected, surprise visit to, and inspection of Dr. Martin Luther King Charter School for Science and Technology, ordering the closure of the high school campus for 30 days citing alleged fire code violations.

This news is significant because the school was the site today of President Barak Obama's first stop on his visit to New Orleans, and because of the nature of the purported violations.

King Charter School Principal Doris Hicks said couldn't she believe such a thing could happen on the eve of a visit to the school by the President of the United States.

"We expanded our campus two years ago and have been safely operating the high school in trailers since then without any problems. Suddenly (they say) we're endangering our children?" Dr. Hicks said. “Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our students. "

The Louisiana Fire Marshal reports directly to Louisiana's republican Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The alleged code violations included having enough fire extinguishers, but purportedly the wrong size, and failing to have sufficient ingress/egress to an empty building.

Dr. Austin Allen, a pro bono architect for the school and professor at the University of Colorado at Denver, indicated the cited problems were in no way life threatening. "We were able to resolve most of the issues within 24 hours; I can't understand why the fire marshal set this 30 day penalty," Dr. Allen said.

King Charter School can only hope this incident actually exposes the extreme school facility crisis being experienced in districts throughout Louisiana.

Louisiana Justice Institute Managing Director and King School attorney Tracie Washington expressed frustration with the situation.

"I can only hope Louisiana's Fire Marshal and Governor Jindal will care about all the children in Louisiana, not just those being visited by President Obama. Interestingly, neither offered assistance to King School in mitigating any safety issues for our students, which certainly raises questions their motives, “ Ms. Washington said.

The Presidential visit to King Charter School was a complete success, despite this Fire Marshal interruption.

Really? A closure for wrong-sized fire extinguishers just a day or two before the President's visit?

That's just bad form.


Anonymous said...

You're confusing Republicans with some notion of "fellow Americans". They are not. They are the enemy.

Mark Folse said...

This is just so fucked. Why does Bobby Jindal hate New Orleans so? Why do the Republicans think it's OK to try to punish people who don't vote for them but whine about bipartisanship?

Fuck the Republicans. This country will never be right until they are relegated to the same dump heap of history as the White Citizens Councils, until the time no one will publicly admit ever having been associated.

mominem said...

This is bizarre. Who signed the order?

In 30 years of practicing Architecture I have never had a building summarily closed.

The normal procedure is to give 30 days to correct the deficiencies, or dispute the inspection.

Are we sure it wasn't the City Fire Marshal? Those guys go way off the rails from time to time.

Anonymous said...

A fire marshal was on WBOK this am and said the secret service told them to go out and inspect. He said they closed 2 temp trailers that housed temp classrooms because of exit situation and no sprinklers. Said they had to protect the kids. Said the trailers were added after their last inspection.
I am not wild about Bobby J. Just relaying what I heard.

E said...

My understanding is that neither of those portables actually have active classrooms or are accessible to students. A closure order was probably unnecessary. But perhaps there is another side to the story.

Anonymous said...

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