Friday, July 24, 2009

"You Gangsta Dawg"

On WBOK this morning, there was a surprise appearance by City tech chief M. Harrison Boyd and Communications chief Ceeon Quiett. They were there to field softballs from the morning team about how Louisiana Technology Council is an incompetent organization with some yet undefined political agenda.

I do have to say, however, that I can't quite wrap my mind around what Mr. Boyd's interests in all this lie. He doesn't, to my knowledge, have any deep roots here. I don't really understand - if in fact there's all kinds of nefarious activity going on in the tech office at City Hall - why Boyd, hired relatively late in the game, would have anything to do with it. So I'm just not sure how something like this would really play. There'd have to be some explanation for why Boyd would stick his neck out like that.

The best part of the interview though was when Gerod decided to 'get tough' on Boyd about an apparent attempt to intimidate LTC's Mark Lewis by sealing his home shut.

"If you jammin' locks - you gangsta, dawg."

I was putting my socks on while seated on the floor when he said that and I just started laughing hysterically. I had to give up. I'm wearing flip-flops today.

Listening to some of the questions posted by the host, ABC's Michael Hill, and a couple of callers, I think it's clear that public opinion on the whole matter is very much influenced by a perceived double-standard when it comes to the Mayor's emails and City Council's emails.

That perception might not be fair but I think that the delays in releasing all of Council's emails make for avoidably bad optics. Just redact what needs to be redacted and get 'em all out.


mominem said...
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Anonymous said...

I have been wondering the exact same thing - what is Boyd's role in this and what is he doing here and why is he covering so strongly for Nagin and Meffert? Maybe he's just not that bright, and maybe it's the ego of the whole thing and the sudden 'importance' and media attention he seems to have taken on lately.

But WBOK; I have really been tuning in to them for a while now.

To me they seemed seemed to be in the middle of the transparency legislation, and now they seem to be in the middle of the emailstrom - if you notice in today's TP it turns out they have their own records request for the Council's emails and they did not show for the hearing, but nonetheless are not relinquishing their demands despite the cost to the City. They also were on the forefront of Tracie Washington's requests and I have a sneaking suspicion they got a copy of the emails. They are also partly run by Vincent Sylvain, who besides being a media and political consultant to many a connected pol also has a relative as an assistant CAO to Nagin and Hatfield. It seems to me that Sylvain has been running cover for Nagin and Jefferson through WBOK for some time now.

{By the way, another amusing thing about WBOK is how they always invite their listeners to check out their "blog" and reading comments from it but they have no such thing, the last time I checked out what is basically a message board the most recent post was from several months ago}. - But I mean, really what are they about and what is going on over there?

The most amazing thing about WBOK though is how they can drop bombs like the comment about Nagin jamming doors and pretend like no one's listening.

So what did Boyd say to that? Nothing?

Angelique said...

Yes, curious minds want to know. How did Boyd play it off after the "jammin' locks" comment? Not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but that's a pretty significant thing for WBOK's host to say even in jest. Was Boyd's response nervous laughter or categorical denial?

All I have to say is this Boyd is another strange character on the scene.

E said...

Boyd was not going to answer a question phrased that way. He had no real comment.