Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Census Progressive

Mayor Nagin was criticized by some fairly recently for calling on displaced New Orleanians to misrepresent their living situations on the 2010 census to boost the city's population numbers thus leading to more federal funding where dollars are distributed proportionally based on population.

I'd support Mayor Nagin's move around census standards if he considered his displaced neighbors to be something more than a statistical prop.

I'd have his back, if his policies did something - anything - to help displaced residents return home. Remember what this man's stance toward public and affordable housing has been and continues to be.

The treatment of displaced and poor New Orleans remains antithetical to the UN's standards on human rights.


Anonymous said...

Either Nagin is right or wrong on the citizenship status of displaced people, regardless of his policies. Why do you make the rights of displaced people contingent on Nagin's acts? The census will deprive displaced people of their right of proportionate representation for the next ten years if they are counted as residents of Houston. We may well lose a congressional ditrict and council districts will be reapportioned and reduce the influence of the black vote.

What right do privleged white people have to deprive displaced people of their rights and claim the same rights here? Why should they come back to a city with reduced federal services becuase of an undercount (you can bet that none of the 6,000 squatters in gutted houses will answer the door when the census bureau comes.

Justice is justice regardless of your feelings about Nagin. But given that Ron Forman and the majority of the white community wanted to bulldoze most of the black community out of existence, and Nagin rejected that BNOBC plan and issued over 250,000 building permits, I'd say he has done something to bring folks home--including poor folks. More than any white elected official I know of.

E said...

Yes I believe you're right. The structure of that post sucks. I sound really arrogant.

I agree that New Orleans should be given a big boost. An exemption of certain census rules would be helpful.

E said...

I've felt particularly frustrated this month...


Anonymous said...

Well I apologize for being a harsh in my response. I just think that much of the distrust in the black community comes from a perception that whites have devolved into an "oppositional culture" that leads them to oppose anything Nagin proposes, right or wrong. It does not help when we give them reason to beleive that. I can predict that the debate on the new city hall building will all be about that whites opposed it (and their black hierlings) only because it was a Nagin idea. What will be the outcome of this distrust: in 2010 we will get another Ray Nagin for Mayor because people will vote for who they trust, not who is the best candidate.

E said...

Eh, I don't think you were too harsh. You're right. When overall frustration with Nagin's policies and the inability to rid ourselves of them manifests itself personally, we lose.