Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red Stick Recycles

I learned sometime last week that Baton Rouge, yes lame-ass Baton Rouge is more progressive than New Orleans as it relates to recycling.

Don't adjust your screens. Just sit down and take a deep breath. Serenity now.

Baton Rouge provides single stream recycling services for its residents.
That means you don't have to sort paper from plastic. You just stick your recyclables out on the damn curb.

If stupid Baton Rouge can do it, we can certainly do it too.

We should be horrified that they beat us there.

See previous post on NOLA's green hypocrisy.


Amanda said...

Sigh. I'm *always* horrified.

mominem said...

Let me point out that the Council has already released more email than the mayor.Their weren't deleted.

The whole council won't release theirs is Nagins construct, as he smiks knowing his are gone.

Francine Stock said...

uggh! Horrifying is Nagin going to Australia to preach about urban sustainability. "Sydney and New Orleans: the role of city government in adapting to climate change."
I wish we'd had a mole in that audience to ask him about our lack of a recycling program and serious landfill issues. Our historic structures are repeatedly demolished rather than re-used or at the very least deconstructed and salvaged.

Gilbert said...

New Orleans used to do the same actually, when WM was our trash hauler NO had recycling... where the only thing they asked was that you put your newspaper in brown paper bags in the same bin as the plastic and alum...the program was discontinued after katrina b/c we no longer had WM and the price of recyclables (not including copper and alum apparently) had not kept up w/ the cost of recycling.