Friday, May 08, 2009

Repetitive Visions

Remember when former Deputy Mayor and Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert said when asked about his jaunts to the strip club Visions in his recent deposition in a related civil case?

"Sometimes I'd pay for myself. Sometimes they'd pay."

I really want to know whether or not "myself" means using the special Mark St. Pierre-financed American Express card from NetMethods. Because that's still money coming from the same individuals getting all the IT contracts.

Going through the NetMethods credit card records released just the other day, I was perplexed by several gargantuan charges for "food and beverages" that always ended in nice even numbers.

Turns out strip clubs have very different policies about how they list themselves on credit card statements. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club and the San Fransisco Gold Club were pretty marked quite clearly. Club 390 in Chicago, patronized to the tune of several hundred dollars in 2004, was also pretty easy to figure out.

It took a little bit more creativity to figure out who "L.I.G. LLC" and "RCI Entertainment were."

RCI turned out to be Rick's Caberet, where Meffert dropped an even $1000 in March of 2005.

L.I.G. turned out to be our old favorite on Downman Road, Visions.

04/08/05: $1,400 plus another separate charge of $102
04/06/06: $1,160
09/20/06: $840

Kinda fun that the charges around the April 2005 jaunt went like this:

8th - Visions
9th - One night stay at the Ritz-Carlton
15th - Rite-Aid

Have a great weekend!


jeffrey said...

I was surprised to learn that there are strip clubs that DON'T obscure their names on credit card statements. I thought it was just a necessary practice in a convention town where most of your clientele will be trying to get reimbursed.

Also... what criminal hasn't learned to handle his suspicious transactions in cash by now?

Dambala said...

Penicillin is cheap these days.

Sparkymgc said...

I had to laugh, it took him 5 days to do something about that burning itching feeling. BAHHHH!!!!

Keep up the great work E, I rely on you and Dambala.

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