Monday, April 06, 2009


Man oh man. I'm starting to collect bits and pieces of Greg Meffert's deposition in the ongoing lawsuit at Orleans Civil District Court , which was released today. The T-P now has confirmation that City Contractor Netmethods, owned by Mark St. Pierre, paid for a Nagin family vacation to Hawaii. They've also posted a bit of the deposition. I'm going to put as much of the deposition online as I can over the course of the day during my free time.

But the part available from in the link above, I thought everyone might like this line of questioning where Meffert basically cops to getting an unknown number of strip club adventures picked up by the Imagine tab.

"Sometimes they'd pay."

It's all part of the e-maelstrom. A nice wink toward Mr. Gordon Russell and Mr. Frank Donze for this line in today's writeup about the deposition release:

The new court filing raises new questions about the already-controversial business dealings between the city and its technology vendors, dealings that have attracted keen interest from federal investigators. The motion also brings Nagin deeper into the maelstrom, which so far has mainly swirled around St. Pierre and Meffert, one of the mayor's top aides and most trusted advisers until he left City Hall in 2006.

I'll take it! Yes!

UPDATE: A recently married man found the myspace page for Visions. Might be a good place for Rising Tide IV.


mominem said...

Visions Mens Club has 2653 friends.
Was it the sit eof the bachelor party?

jeffrey said...

An enterprising individual would set up a faux "Muppet" MySpace page and friend Visions immediately. But I can't speak for enterprising individuals as I am clearly not one of them.

Also... the actual bachelor party was at a Hornets game and took place months ago. Woo!

Superdeformed said...
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Superdeformed said...

My boss was showing me that article today when we got to "maelstrom" I busted out laughing.

It took a while to explain to him the whole e-maelstrom story.

This deposition, Nagin's approval rating, and DuBos' voter demographic article made for a good news day.

Also... the actual bachelor party was at a Hornets game and took place months ago. Woo!

Did your buddies chip in for a lap dance from Tyson Chandler?

Red said...

well Nagin has some feedback from all those vision-less haters. Here's the current salutation at the end of his email response:

"C. Ray Nagin - Mayor
New Orleans Rated Recession Proof!
2009: Up The J-Curve Line!
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Dev"

this man is delusional!!!

Leigh C. said...

We'd have to come up with an appropriate tagline for RT IV if we went for Visions.

"RT IV: We Can See Corruption From This Club!"

Puddinhead said...

Visions? If they had any guts, they'd be across the street at Passions.....

Anonymous said...

Why is a City Attorney, an assistant one at that, showing up at pressers to defend the Mayor on whether he committed an ethics violation? Isn't that something a private attorney should handle?

ACA Bob Ellis, by the way, is a wormy guy who used to show up at civic Inspector General meetings, the ones where Cerasoli would get people together to talk about reform and how to change the ethics mindset in New Orleans. Bob Ellis made it plain he was not pro-reform and was just there generally to "observe" and he wasn't exactly the brightest guy you'll ever meet.

E said...

Maybe I'm misremembering this but didn't Bob Ellis also show up at one of the disastrous meetings about Arnie's transparency ordinance and went on some really bizarre and tangent about how Huey Long was taking over the city from beyond the grave?

Anonymous said...


that was not Bob Ellis. Bob is a nightmare slum lord in Mid City as well as a flagrant abuser of the rules and regulations in the City as it pertains to building permits.

As in, he didn't get one and constructed an addition illegally.

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