Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Guys Night Out

I know I said I was going to be away for a few days as I unpack my new place but I can't help it...

This T-P has posted (pdf) all of the charges that former Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert made to the credit card he was given by NetMethods, a dummy company set up by city contractor Mark St. Pierre.

As one might imagine there's some interesting stuff in there. Tons of charges related to resort travel with the Mayor, tons of fancy meals at Sean Cummings' International House Hotel and other well-known food and beverage hot spots. The man simply could not go out to lunch without dropping $75 or more. All told, there were over $130,000 in charges.

There were also a high number of airline flights purchased for he, his wife, and his kids. One cost that's justly generating a lot of sensationalist buzz is a $2,675 charge Meffert made to the NetMethods account for his good time at the San Fransisco's Gold Club, "San Fransisco's Premier Gentlemen's Club."

Does anyone know what kind of left-wing services were rendered in that commie pinko San Fransisco club that he couldn't just have easily received from his favorite local spots, Visions, Rick's Cabaret, or Larry Flynt's Hustler Club?

What was especially sleazy about the charge in San Fran becomes more obvious when you dig a little bit into why he was over on the left coast in the first place. Looking at the credit card records, here is what it appears occurred:

On March 9th, 2006, Greg Meffert purchased three round trip flights between New Orleans and San Jose, California for his wife and two boys. A few days later, he booked his own flight to San Jose by way of San Fransisco. He would be joining his family for a vacation at Yosemite National Park - food, lodging, and souvenirs paid for by NetMethods. But of course it took him an extra day to get from San Fransisco to San Jose. There was business to attend to at the Gold Club.

Who knows? It is possible that he only went to the Gold Club between flights. There are no other charges in San Fransisco listed to the NetMethods account.

Another couple of charges that I thought you might find interesting involve single one-night stays at the New Orleans Ritz Carlton Hotel from April and July of 2005. You won't see these reported as newsworthy by the proper media but I have no particular problem leveling the insinuation given what we know about Mr. Meffert's. . . appetites.

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