Friday, May 15, 2009

re: e-maelstrom

From a T-P editorial I largely agree with:

[O]ne thing is clear: The council and its attorneys are trying to keep legitimate public records under wraps simply because they may be embarrassing or offensive. Saving public officials from their own words, however, is not one of the exceptions in the open records law. If the council truly favors transparency, it should stop fighting the release of records to which all Louisianians are clearly entitled.

Get 'em out. Leaks of selective emails make the whole thing just into a political hit on Head. While I'm sure some will say that that's precisely what the request was about in the first place, I'm not sure that remains relevant to the question regarding whether the rest of the emails - which include those belonging to three other Councilors - should be released.

Also I think adrastros' take on this is spot-on.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm going to disagree here since this opinion now seems to be the flavor of the month.

I think Nagin, the Council and every state official covered by the state public records law has a right to follow that and indeed even have a duty to do so by ensuring that the issues and subject matters covereed under the exemptions and exceptions allowed are enforced. That starts with legal privilege but extends to a whole host of other things.

A few comments floating around about Ms. head being this generation's Peggy Wilson are also totally unfounded and unfair. Peggy Wilson was a caricature but she rarely exposed anything of value. Head has worked on getting information on a wide variety of contracts, to the city's great benefit. She happens to be very right on something - this city spends tens of millions on insider-dealing and waste which could be used for the education, police strength and civic programs that so many citizens constantly complain about yet never get. and meanwhile the charge always comes back that orleans citizens are "apathetic." Well, Ms. Head is not apathetic and look what she gets.

Frankly, no, the Wal-Mart email was not covered by the public records law and should have been excluded. But here it comes now, we will be buffetted by demands that the Lewis, Morrell and Carter emails get released now - and if they are released and if they do have offensive personal emails what will we gain from them?