Thursday, May 14, 2009


There are a million sides to every story. Be back with more later.

It's later.

As things get sticky for Councilwoman Head around these emails let's me make sure that I'm telling the whole story.

We'll ultimately get many of these emails released but if what was leaked to me and others yesterday by LJI is the worst of the worst, count me as mostly unimpressed.

The Councilor is going to have to answer some questions about this for sure.


Let us not forget the unusual circumstances around the early off-the-books release of the emails to LJI through Veronica White.

Connections to the Jefferson machine are quite transparent.

I actually have grown to have a lot of respect for what Head has brought to District B after ages of careless representation. Those changes have been good and I would hate for a sensationalized feud between Washington and Head to lead to the undoing of what I would say has been largely progress.

What really makes me angry and uncomfortable with the whole thing is that in my heart, I think that the LJI world and the Stacy Head world ought to be allied instead of feuding. I would say that 80% of their substantive interests align but that personal beefs around mostly inconsequential BS have distracted both sides from doing some really important things.

I have occasional email contact with both camps.

It's amazing how often they're on the same side of an issue but think they're working against one another. It's almost funny but it's mostly distracting. And I hate feeling like I have to pick a side.


Sparkymgc said...

Head and Washington will never be aligned because of the issues between Head and White.

I'm not an in the know guy, but Washington and White are seemingly gal pals.

Head and Washington are both type-A attorneys. This is different from other type-A's because instead of them thinking they know everything, they are absolutely sure they can prove it in a court of law.

One might have thought that certain pissing contests were primarily testosterone driven, seems that has been proven wrong.

I personally feel all of this is a flinching contest to see who flinches last and they are both going to get dinged up when all is said and done. I really wish they would drop the pretense about this being over "transparency" and call it what it is - a classic slobberknocker of a cat fight because Head embarrassed White and showed everyone she is incompetent.

Heck, White could be sitting back laughing right now cause she orchestrated this whole thing, I personally don't think she is smart enough to pull it off - but the devil is always right out in the open where you least expect em.

E said...

Did you know that they attend the same Church?

Puddinhead said...

"...I think that the LJI world and the Stacy Head world ought to be allied instead of feuding..."

That would presuppose that LJI is as it represents itself. We have seen evidence that that is not always the case...

E said...

I think everybody just ought to get real drunk at Bridge Lounge. Have a big brawl and then a few more drinks after that everyone will be BFF.

Red said...

I hope their minister at Trinity church will set up an intervention. This is so destructive to our city. and you're right - they're mostly on the same side of the issues. Heck, Tracie's house was about to be wrongly demolished and she went before Stacy Head and the other council members on that committee to plead her case - Stacy stuck up for her! and I might add that the bad/wrongful demolitions all fall under Veronica White's department and incompetent management Meanwhile, real important issues like the fight to save Charity hospital, which Tracie is working on and Stacy has called a public meeting for, are getting overshadowed. or worse, factioned-off into splinter camps with anti-Stacy and anti-Tracie activists. and you know LSU is laughing their asses off, meeting right now to figure out how to use this to their advantage.


Jeffrey said...

Here here! Why don't we just create an event at the Bridge lounge called 'Stacey + Tracie = truth and reconciliation' or 'Worlds Reuniting' or something. Seriously. We should just make the happy hour that creates the space for them to actually come together about this. Next Friday. 5PM.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to read your opinions about this. I feel similarly about Councilwoman Head. She's critical of everyone; the old Jefferson machine to Jackie Clarkson's old political bullshit, and I doubt that race has played all that big of a role in her decisions. I mean, she is more conservative when it comes to social justice issues, which you could say is due to the fact that she is white. However, she's also easily the most transparent of all the City Councilmembers, which is why it's ironic that Tracie Washington seems so dead set against her. If this ends up somehow getting her kicked out of office (or not reelected), the negative effect to the CIty would far outweigh the positive effect of "transparency" Tracie champions. I mean, it really remains to be seen if there will be any positive effect at all for citizens as a result of releasing these emails. And we need at least one Stacy Head on the Council. Not a whole Council of them (that would be bad), but we need one. Besides, in requesting only the white City Council member's e-mails, Ms. Washington revealed that her motives are beyond just plain public service to the citizens of New Orleans. I mean, I do feel like this would be a whole different debate if she had requested and been given all of the Councilmember's emails. The manner she got them would have still seemed unethical, but all this questioning of motives/increased racial divide could have been avoided. This wasn't the case though. In this instance, I would stick to the side of more authentic transparency- Stacy. You don't have to become a lifetime member of the club (I'm not), but in the sense of situational ethics, it does seem more ethical.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but after thinking about I realized that guessing Stacy Head's motivations is impossible. Who knows what goes on in the dark crevices of her mind. However, it seems to me that she says what she's really thinking more of the time than anyone on the Council and she calls out more people on their bullshit. All in all, inarguably good qualities at this juncture in the city. -AP

Puddinhead said...

I still don't get the whole longing for recreation of the medical ghetto bit...but then again, I didn't get the whole desperately want to stay warehoused and isolated in the bricks, either. But I'm just a dumb Ninth Ward boy, so what do I know...

jeffrey said...

I think it's interesting that you're torn between what you see as the good each side here could do and I'm torn between which side is more deserving of being beaten with a club.

Don't know exactly what that means.. I just think it's interesting.

jeffrey said...

AP says I mean, it really remains to be seen if there will be any positive effect at all for citizens as a result of releasing these emails.I guess that's in the same way that Obama claims that releasing photos of awful crimes already committed by US agents will not have a "positive effect" either. Fucking elitist assholes always think lying or obfuscation is the way to go.

Anonymous said...


Alright, late night response!

It's not like no one ever had access to City emails. They did. There was a system in place. I think it's elitist to ignore rules and procedures because you feel that they don't apply to you. It's a matter of the ethics of the situation. I do think it matters how she received the emails, and I don't think that's elitist.

The effect does remain to be seen. I mean, it is good to see exactly what our representatives are like when they think that no one is watching. But like I said, this is not the real issue at hand. If it was the issue at hand, it would be only fair that everyone's emails were released for the sake of total transparency. Although, let's be honest, who is actually going to read all of these emails? I vote you Eli!


Anonymous said...

Head and Washington could never get along because Washington is actively working for the Jefferson machine.

Head has worked for reform and for exposing and knocking down bad and corrupt contracts and Washington sold out and is working as a useful tool of those who seek to keep those contracts and receive kickbacks for them.

The point of this whole exercise by the Washington/Jupiter/J. Morial team is that Head NOT return to office and that it be filled by a Jefferson croney again or anyone who will work to protect thse contracts, not expose them.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous 2:

One side stole the city government while the other side was displaced. Now blacks want their city back--including the council and the schools. What's so confusing about that?

This is what email-gate is all about: a contest of power. Head stole her office by running in an overwhelmingly black district when the majority of blacks were gone.

You are either with the thieves or with the victims. White liberals in New Orleans are no better than poor folks who won't become witnesses in a crime: you fear retaliation from your friends and neighbors, but you saw the crime and your silence makes you an accomplice.

Puddinhead said...

What a load of crap, Anonymous. Because white politicos lied, cheated, and stole while doing little to nothing for the poor while they were in power, black politicians somehow have the "right" to lie, cheat and steal when THEY take power...and any attempts to evict the criminals is racist. By that logic, a black adult who was raised in an abusive environment by a white foster family, for instance, is well within his rights to beat his own children because it's "his turn". This whole "we're the majority, so we own every office" mentality is precisely what got this city into the situation it's in in the first place.

By the way...IMO, Head tends to be a jerk, but I get the feeling she's an honest and well-intentioned jerk. I'll take that (in whatever shade it comes in) over a criminal patron dispensing the spoils of his dishonesty to his family and minions any day.

Anonymous said...

We love our bigoted white politicians here--as long as they are hard working, honest, and well-intentioned--and have nothing better to do than send emails complaining about food-stamp recipients (while using an email system provided free by the government).

If blacks have "poverty pimps" than whites have "privilege pimps."

E said...

Jeez, that phrase - "poverty pimp" - it's making my eyes bleed.

Carmen said...

Let's take it to the streets. Get Dirty Coast to print up Team Head (or Team Stacy) tees and an equal number of Team Washington (or Team Tracie).

Betcha I know which one will sell out first.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where do you get those sweet potatoes already cut up? I hate peeling those things. I'm such a profligate.

Might cash in a few cd's and buy some cans of soup. I'm living like a Balkan Prince this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks likes Tracie's peeps are trolling your blog's comment section now. I knew it wouldn't be long before they showed up. After all you did say that she has included you in her helpful, friendly address book while disseminating selective City Council emails. TW thought she could start a "pile on Stacey" party here on your blog. Since that didn't happen she's sent in her trolls.

Your being used as a pawn, E. The Tracie E-maelstrom is a distraction to make everyone forget about the original Nagin E-Maelstrom. The fact that she's sending you copies of Head's emails is proof of this. She (TW) recognizes you as an erudite and popular blogger and had hoped you'd work well for her plans. But it backfired b/c people are not responding to the email contents as she expected. Now she has to go on the attack and I predict you comments section will be filling up with bratty, ill-tempered, race-baiting spam.

Don't be sucked in, E. Take your blog back while you still can.

Take a look at the Nagin email situation again. Take a closer look at LJI...where does their money come from, where does it go, who's on their board of directors? All of these TW shenanigans are part of a plan to return Head's city council seat back to the Jefferson machine.

I know it must be kinda fun and reporter-like to be receiving confidential materials from a source such as Ms. Washington. But think long and hard about it. Why is she deigning to send you this info? Because your blog is popular and liberal leaning, and TW thought she could use you to get everyone here all worked up and leaning towards her cause (whatever that is).

People respect you and your opinions. People know that this blog is a place where we can come to engage in an intelligent discourse....and yes, engage in intelligent dissention too (the key word here being "intelligent"). Don't let your blog be taken over by people with (not so hidden) agendas.

Tracey Washington is a pawn of Bill Jefferson, therefore any pawn of Tracie's is a pawn of Billy J.

Good luck, E. (for real, man. I luv ur blog!)

Puddinhead said...

By the way, something that's been bugging me about E's original post all day, and I finally pegged it--he complained about the "elitist" comments...made by someone standing in line at Walmart.

Just thought that was kind of funny....

As for all of the Anonymouses (Anonymousi?) posting about city government being "stolen" may have a point there, dude. Of course, it's not the point you're trying to make, but a point nonetheless. May God or Allah or whoever you believe in bless you, man, and may he have mercy on all of our souls.

Anonymous said...

The white folks want their blog back, E.

You have committed racial treason.

All this talk about "elitism"--they think you might actually think black people are oppressed.

Why not send them a link to the Times-Picayune blog. Home-sweet-home for the whites who think they are the real victims.

Can they possibly be wrong, or is anyone critical of them an agent of the black elite. Trolling for Traci! The truth is a conspiracy!

Sparkymgc said...

I just read/skimmed thru the pdf's (14 docs) that Stacy posted.

They are not on the same side, they aren't even on the same planet.

I was amazed at the number of people sending Stacy a request when these people weren't even in her own district. And, she frigging followed up with these people. Seems Cynthia has better things to do than reply to her constituents.

Arnie, Shelley and Stacy are fighting back as much as seemingly possible and Stacy has clearly shown passion for dealing with blighted buildings.

BevelryRevelry said...

Omigaws, Sparky, look it's a real-estate-agent-slash-house-flipper who has a passion for the land next door, er, I mean "a passion for dealing with blighted buildings."

sparkymgc said...

Bevelry, I do appreciate the skepticism but Jackie would be the house flipper of the council (to my knowledge) not Stacy. I could be wrong and willing to be enlightened.

However, anytime someone goes through the trouble of getting a house through the blight process has earned their flip. That's not a fast process, the city does alot of leg work and man hours to attempt to contact the former owners.

If the current owners aren't paying taxes, aren't keeping up the property, unreachable to address the issues or unwilling to address the issues, than by all means I have ZERO problems with someone coming in and buying the property to do something better with it. Because then, the city has someone currently on file to go after for blight issues.

I think this city has shown ENOUGH understanding, and ENOUGH leniency for people to return to deal with their problems post Katrina. The rest of us have moved on, fixed/repaired/adapted in and out of trailers to persevere and hopefully learn from our lessons.

There is a limit to all things and just because we went through Katrina doesn't mean everyone gets a Katrina victim pass so we don't have to follow rules and regulations. How can we move on as a city and prosper if you keep looking in the past for a reason not to move on?

If we follow the rules of law and expect the same of our neighbors, and politicians, then what makes the owners of these blighted properties any different?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon:

Bill Jefferson + Fake (501)c3 = X

Mose Jefferson + Fake (501)c3 = X

Renee Gill-Pratt + Fake (501)c3 = X

Whereas X = (501)c3 entity created in order to steal from the aforementioned's poorest constituents


Louisiana Justice Institute = X = TW


It may take a while, but Factor TW is gonna go down. Maybe not next week. Maybe not next month. Maybe not next year. It took two years to grab Ms. Pratt and it may take longer to grab TW. But it's gonna happen.