Friday, May 15, 2009

Can't believe I'm cool with this

It must be that he's got the Phils on the TV in the plaza. Scroll through all the pictures.

More cool new stuff in Philly here. Cool "old" stuff in Philly here.


Jeffrey said...

The Piazza thing is a little much--what's it like in person? Looks a little 'cold,' although I really like the idea of having local and alternative businesses in there.

The 100k house, on the other hand, is SWEEEEEEEET!

E said...

I haven't seen the completed plaza yet - I've been away for awhile. I like the concept and the affinity for public space. Mostly I like that they're showing Phils games regularly in a public square. That's pretty much what heaven looks like to me. The surrounding buildings, I agree, might be a little bit too brutal but it might be different in person.

And that 100k house is definitely off the chain. How do we get us some of those?