Thursday, May 14, 2009


Councilor Stacy Head's elitist checkout commentary aside, there's a much more comprehensive picture that puts those comments into an even more unfortunate context.

Though I've often vehemently criticized certain comments she's made and more importantly, policies that she's championed, Councilor Head earned a lot of respect from yours truly because of her work ethic and the lengths she goes to provide effective constituent representation. More respect than I ever thought I could possibly give her after the stances she took on housing.

But there's not much excuse for all this.

Ya know, when you hold yourself to a higher standard...

I received these early yesterday afternoon.


Publishing items with personal email addresses of people I don't know without permission violates my own personal comfort level. I was too hasty earlier so I've decided to take down those emails. Essentially, Stacy Head was receiving extremely detailed communications on the mechanics of the Cao campaign. She was not responding to them in a particularly substantive way and was redirecting them away from her official council email account. But there may have been some questionable activity involved.


ABC26 actually already published the same emails minus the addresses. You can go check 'em out there. Link! And here I'd thought I may have broken one... ha ha on me.


Puddinhead said...

Sorry. Scribed won't load, so I don't know what the "offending passages" say.

Can't say I was particularly bothered by the messages printed in the TP, though...

Anonymous said...

I see nothing offensive here. Stacey publicly campaigned for Cao. Hell, she was practically hogging the camera at his acceptance speech and therefore obviously willing to put her face on the campaign.

You can argue that this was a misuse of her "public office" email account, but in the very first response to the first incoming email, Head directs the emailer to remove her "public office" account from sender's account. Furthermore she directs the emailer to send further emails regarding Cao to a her personal account. The remaining released emails on the ABC26 page are actually emails received into Head's account. So basically they are screwing the sender of the email by publishing privileged information of the Cao campaign.

Furthermore, the headline of the link you posted says: "Read the Released Emails from Stacey Head". The title is sooo misleading. If you have not been following this story you would be led to believe that these are emails that Ms. Head had released rather than emails that were illegally obtained and released by a local "activist" with an axe to grind against Head. There is no descriptive text on the page to provide any context as to what it is you are about to read, just the headline with the emails inserted below.

Really E.... I like your blog a lot. I think you have great things to say and goals to accomplish. But in your excitement to finally break your first story, you may be grasping at non-news. I mean, please explain to me the point in posting this particular set of emails and this link on your blog? What's your point? Head publicly campaigned for Cao, no big secret here. Really, I want to understand what has you so excited about these emails. Help me understand, please.

And what I really want to know is why are you allowing Tracy Washington to send you illegally obtained emails from New Orleans City Council? Did I really read that right??? That's not really something you ought to be bragging about in public lest a federal subpoena show up at your door.

Anonymous said...

This city has a "Who's On First, Mantality" Remember this,
and this, more of the same. It's all the who's on first game. There has been much said about Stacy Head being unprofessional......oh, but LOOK at what she has to work with! Talk about unprofessional!!! OMG what a joke!

E said...

Anon, I agree that I was too sloppy about I posted the emails. It turned out these were the same as were released to ABC26 and published the previous evening.