Tuesday, April 21, 2009

E-maelstrom: Double Vision

Given my apparent famousness, it should be obvious to readers that I'm pretty much constantly having fancy orgy cocaine parties with other talented celebrities. We do drugs you've never even heard of, drugs that aren't even named until we name them. One thing that's really hot on the scene - excuse me - was hot on the scene, was something we called human ecstaopiajuana, which required a willing female to donate her body for use as something best described as a soft bong. Where on earth do we find these girls?


Back on April 6th, parts of former Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Mayor Greg Meffert's deposition in a civil suit related to stolen crime camera technology began to leak. I picked up on one new disclosure rather quickly, Mr. Meffert's admission that he'd let city vendors pay for his excursions to Visions, a gentleman's club known for its 2683 Myspace friends.

Specifically, Meffert said, "sometimes they'd pay."


Meffert and me, we're a different kind of famous.

He borrows his friend's Ponchartrain yacht for a party with the Mayor.

I, on the other hand, own my own yacht.

In space.

Gregory Meffert might have thought he was the cock of the walk getting to go out to Visions using "OPM," otherwise known as "Other People's Money" or the Vince Fumo Memorial Payment Plan.

But real celebrities, we don't go to Visions.

Visions comes to us.


I was sitting outside eating breakfast and recovering from one of my fancy sexy space-yacht parties over this past weekend when up walks this nice young lady who seemed determined to sit nearby. No complaints. It always feels good when blonds feel compelled to bask in my aura.

But when she decided to strike up an unprovoked conversation about the high price of mangoes in the Greater New Orleans area compared to the Austin market while I was so clearly busy looking for pictures of myself in Rolling Stone magazine, I became a little annoyed.

How do I get out of this conversation?

She uncrossed her legs to get up, "I have to go home to get ready for work."

Problem solved!

"I'm sorry to hear that, where do you work?"

"Visions on the East Bank."

At this point, the biggest, dumbest smile imaginable took over control of my face.

Visions on the East Bank

"You guys out there have done us a great service."

She made me explain at this point, after which she got defensive because I think she took away from my abridged summary that I was saying that Visions was somewhat at fault.

"Strip clubs get a bad rap."

"I agree. That's not what I meant."


"So do you know anybody named... eh never mind."


Mr. Meffert said "sometimes they'd pay."

Who paid all the other times?

I think we could find out pretty soon.


In other news, yesterday Mayor Ray Nagin was deposed in that same civil suit over stolen crime camera technology. I actually don't expect too much scandalous stuff to come out when the transcripts are released to the public. I imagine that lawyers for the plaintiffs will explore more than just the trips to Chicago and Hawaii - it won't just be stuff that's already been in the paper. But I don't think there will be anything earth-shattering.

I do think that we've now officially entered into some really bizarre legal territory that I hope someone can comment about.

Mayor Nagin has not yet retained private council. This has struck me as peculiar not because I'm assuming that Mayor Nagin is guilty of some criminal behavior, but because it seems inherent that there might be conflicts in terms of the interests of the Office of the Mayor compared to the interests of Mr. Ray Nagin. Bob Ellis is not Mayor Nagin's personal attorney. He's a city attorney.

And now that the city has taken legal action against Dell Inc., one of their own co-defendants in the crime camera civil case, it would appear that much more important for the Mayor to retain a separate criminal defense attorney. I mean, the City Attorney's office is simultaneously fighting charges with Dell while leveraging charges against Dell. I think that the T-P's Michelle Krupa asked about this in one of her most recent pieces but I can't find precisely where now that I'm trying to link to it... Michelle Krupa indicates that indeed that question was asked of Penya Moses-Fields in her article about the cross-suit.

Moses-Fields said Nagin's testimony Monday about the travels squares with what he has said previously and should dispel any notion that the mayor acted inappropriately. She added that Nagin was not a party to the conspiracy alleged by the plaintiffs and should be dropped as a defendant.

"It's very clear that the city believes that the mayor has done nothing wrong, " Moses-Fields said.

Responding to questions, Moses-Fields said neither she nor the mayor has received subpoenas from a federal grand jury investigating the crime camera program. She said she believes Nagin has no criminal exposure in the case and that he has not retained his own defense attorney; the city attorney's office will continue to represent him, she said.


One more thing to watch is the impending release of the City Council emails. Yesterday, a judge blocked their release after finding the action taken by the City Attorney's office to retract privileged information to have been "inadequate."

But that stuff is going to come out soon. Within a couple of weeks. I would advice you not be surprised if release of the Council emails was timed conveniently with the unsealing of Mayor Nagin's complete deposition transcript.


We're always receiving these improper gifts of coincidence in New Orleans.

Sometimes they pay. Sometimes we pay.


Ryan said...

The suit against Dell is a huge CYA by the Nagin Administration. In the Times-Pic piece you linked to by Krupa, it specifically states:

Indeed, the city's lawyers cite a motion filed this month by the plaintiffs that quotes a Dell representative telling an employee of the Mayor's Office of Technology in an e-mail message to "use a different word than 'camera' in the description . . . as we are not allowed to sell cameras on our contract."So, it appears that Dell told the Mayor's Office of Technology that they were NOT allowed to sell cameras on the state contract.

Yet, the cross-claim filed by the Nagin Administration states:

"The prohibition against selling cameras . . . was never communicated to any city official or employee."So, apparently the MAYOR's Office of Technology doesn't work for city. Neat trick.

E said...

Right, all of the 'city employees' at the MOT were actually just 'contractors.'

mominem said...

It didn't surface this month. It surfaced in November.

The City attorney was there when Meffert said what he said on November 19, 2008. He may not have been the first to say it.

Why did it take this long to file a motion?

Anonymous said...

Uh, Meffert still may have one ore more people sitting on the city servers, let's remember that. Maybe one or more who deliver emails to Penya or V`ronica. Who knows, but the TP's story didn't exactly follow up on that.

Also, Bob Ellis the city attorney - has anyone seen or heard or met this guy? Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Says a lot about the Mayor's legal advice if that's who he really relies upon.

Finally, suing Dell by itself makes no sense - the plaintiff claims that Dell conspired with Meffert and the mayor to squeeze out the plaintiff, and now the mayor claims that Dell did *what* exactly wrong *without Meffert or the mayor all on their lonesome???

By the way, someone should start mentioning that Nagin should have settled this long ago; not only for his own sake - think of what is coming of this - but also because it's looking more and more like the City's taxpayers are going to be on the hook for yet another massive money judgment against them.

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