Monday, March 16, 2009


I've occasionally mentioned Former State Senator Vincent Fumo here before, who represented me for most of my Philadelphia life. He was as corrupt as they come, a classic machine boss.

He literally lived in this castle on a hill in the middle of his dense urban district.

Today, he was found guilty of all 137 counts against him. Bail has been set at a full $2 million.

His ass is going to jail!

I can't even begin to describe the significance of this moment.

Vince Fumo was my nemesis. I can't tell you how many rants I went on to my dad or to my friends around the lunch table at school.

And now he's kaput.

Vince loved to pick up the tab at fancy restaurants with a credit card he nicknamed 'OPM,' or 'Other people's money,' which he created for himself using a sham nonprofit organization. He borrowed yachts that were property of a museum. He used his legislative aides as personal gophers and bagmen. He alienated everyone in his family. Anyone wanting anything had to kiss the man's ring. Perhaps most emblematic was the time he ordered a hit on his neighbor's dog.

Good luck in the big house Vince!

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