Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Confederate States of the GOP

I for one would LOVE to see this poll question tried out elsewhere, particularly in the rest of the South.


Anonymous said...

I think it already exists. Check out this book.

Agi said...

Hell, I'll donate $20 to the Texas Secession Fund. Good riddance!

New Orleans Ladder said...

Texas sucks so much Corps they should make necrophilia the State Religion.
That said, I have long been a proponent of Louisiana secession, due to our unique place at the wrong end of this cell block discussion of just who is pulling the train for the rest of the country.
Texas sucks corps. We pull the train. Anybody for a game of 'around the world'?

During the Flood, this scenario became heinously poignant.

While the question may or may not have been settled by the War of Northern Aggression, Texas may think it can secede because they have the largest standing National Guard and always have. However, the state can still constitutionally calve itself into 5 different "states".

Since the first day that the Bushco Junta stole the presidency in 2000, I have seen Balkanization as their Doctrine of States Rights.
While quite encouraged by this new presidency, I see nothing --nothing-- to convince me that such a fracturing of our nation remains anything but inevitable.
Sorry, y'all, but they proved to me on 8/29/05 that they have no problem with killing American Citizens on American Soil. I saw them do it. I also saw their Black Water henchmen.
These neo'cowards play real hard ball and use real bullets. To imagine otherwise is pure bourgeois naivity, to wit: that these looter are simply going to just roll it up and go home? HA!

But we will do what we can, eh?
One peace at a time,