Thursday, April 23, 2009


Good posts abound.

1. Jeffrey on Blakely

This latest about charitable contributions from ordinary Americans going to pay off Blakely's university salary is beyond the pale. This ordinarily would be a HUGE story but because so much other totally objectionable and offensive stuff is going on right now... Bill Simmons of ESPN coined the term 'the Tyson Zone' to refer to when a personality or situation gets so out of control that literally nothing could happen that would shock or surprise you. New Orleans entered 'the Tyson Zone' right around the time that we learned that White is black and Head is white. Actually, to pin point a very specific event, I would say it was when the city sent out a former attorney to invoke Huey Long's ghost in his argument against Arnie Fielkow's transparency ordinance. That was in December? Who knows? Maybe we've always been in the Tyson Zone.

2. Red on Oliver Thomas and Ray Nagin

This is just really well-written and heartfelt. And totally right.

3. T-P on area politicians views on the rule of law

First of all, I have a hard time forgiving Cao for many of his votes to date, but by coming out for prosecutions of those who broke the law to authorize torture, he has shown himself at least to be honorable and human in a most basic sense. How one calls oneself a patriot, a defender of American values, while supporting unequivocal torture....

Senator Vitter, unsurprisingly, sees nothing wrong with torture. I think he's the worst Senator in America and I can't wait to kick him out of office. To simply tow the Dick Cheney line without at least demonstrating some level of introspection about American values and our supposed moral exceptionality... the man is a stooge.

If there's anything resembling fascism in America today, it's the rump of the GOP standing up enthusiastically in favor of torture. Some of these sickos don't just defend it, they celebrate it.

It makes me want to vomit.


P.S. According to several sources, Blakely is still scheduled to be out of here by the end of June.


Anonymous said...

o! but the future is not all monorails and tang!

how about following up to see where the money for children's mental health services went? i haven't seen it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Times-Picayune simply named the foundation that gave the money to Blakely as "Yvette Jones." Like NOAH, that's an independent, incorporated tax-exempt board that the Mayor does not directly control. This reminds me of all the Times-Picayune article that blasted NOAH but never mentioned that, as an independent organization, it's Board had complete authority and accountability for how its funds were spent. So who do Yvette Jones and Bob Brown work for and why are their organizations omitted by the times-picayune?

Anonymous said...

And that's time....for what you might ask, 8 years, 2 election cycles and the left has had enough time to get their ideals polished off and the memory of 9/11 pushed so deep into their subconscious that they can begin anew to paint the right as sickos, wackos, domestic terrorists, etc.

Your just as unreasonable as when the right called people that questioned Bush's decisions traitors or questioned their patriotism. You didn't appreciate it then, and yet you know no shame in doing the same. I don't have a problem with questioning leadership, it's good for growth, but do so in a manner that invites conversation and debate. Are personal attacks really necessary?

Can we exchange ideas and values with facts, simple facts, not hyperbole and not the fairly land that acts like their aren't really F-D up people out there that would get their jollies off on blowing up another one of our skyscrapers in the middle of a work week.

Why weren't the majority of the left screaming about torture in the same volume and number after 9/11? Oh sure there were some but now the bandwagon has turned into a million man march. They weren't screaming because everyone was scared out of their mind, and they should have been.

Our intelligence community had been made incompetent by the former 8 years (yep, that was the Dems watch, it's a fact) and we had no idea of the scope, challenge, enemies capabilities, etc. To be fair, once we started to get an idea, did we need to continue with the "advanced interrogation tactics"? No we didn't.

God, I long for the day when political correctness dies, and I can save time by just typing torture and not feeling bad about it.

I will give you the facts, the Bush team had no exit strategy, they had no intel and they ran off with bad intel and yes, we got into Baghdad for the oil.

We made some people suffer that didn't need to (other people should have suffered more) while having ghost prisons and skirting, flexing and probably breaking some laws. However, in the end, I truly believe our nation was safer because of these "brutish" actions. That includes going to Iraq, because it kept the fight over there - and yes it provided a training ground for alQueada, but it wasn't in the middle of the French Quarter.

As long as you admit torturing people saved lives, not military but innocent civilians that had zero chance of protecting themselves. As bitter as it is to say and its not pretty, it saved lives. If it was your father, mother, sister, or child that ended up being a victim, and each of us was given a choice I would love to see the end result of how many approved of torture and how many didn't.

Obama got everyone in a frenzy and then after one of his first briefings he left the NSA project in place. Why, it saves lives.

I am not asking anyone to give up mine or their rights for more security, I am asking my govt to spy on those that deal with known terrorists, identify their plans and aggressively pursue an agenda to make those to prevent me and mine, you and yours from suffering tragic times like we went through as a nation on 9/11.

I know I bounced around a bit, but my whole point is I think we all need to cut out the personal attacks and those of us that are realists will try to stop from becoming pessimists while those that are idealists will try to add a pinch of reality to their views - it could be a wonderful life. Huh, perhaps that's my idealist coming out in me - hehehe.