Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save Charity Hospital and Lower Mid-City Indeed!

Big props to the New Orleans Ladder for widgetizing the logo. Now I've got one. And you can have one too. If you're cool, that is.


Leigh C. said...

It's done. And yes, I am such the epitome of nerdlette cool.

Anonymous said...

It's now mid-day on the day of a public meeting concerning architectural plans for LSU's portion of the proposed hospial complexes. Thee three "schemes" have suddenly been revealed at the new project website for the project with the new name.

Whether you call the project MCLNO, LSU-VA, VALSUMEDCENTERS or LSUAMC, the lack of transparency and ever-shifting acronymns seem more typical of a shell game than the public evaluation of a crucial publicly-funded biomedical project.