Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie

Council President Jackie Clarkson went on Fox 8 this morning to talk shop.

Here's the important passage:

"I think Veronica White should be reprimanded and dismissed. That is not my prerogative. That is not Council's prerogative. That is the Mayor's prerogative. But I truly think what she did was wrong...

"When we can't get our own emails. When we can't make our emails accessible to the public... And she can get emails? That's wrong. And she's not even the City Attorney. I'm sorry, that's wrong. Whether it's ethically wrong, morally wrong, or legally wrong makes no difference to me. It's wrong because she's getting more service than the public. We can't service the public and she can be serviced? I'm sorry. Whatever motivated her is immaterial. It's wrong."

I'm sorry Jackie Clarkson, you're driving me crazy.


It's not Council's prerogative? Is she serious?

Then what was she thinking in 2004 when she supported slimeball Jay Batt's ordinance to have Veronica White removed from office? In fact, she was the only Councilperson to do so. Her little dance to abscond from her responsibility as a civic leader is transparent nonsense.


You're the Council President! Make yourself useful for something other than a ribbon-cutting.


Then Clarkson claims that she doesn't have access to your own emails and that she wants her emails to be accessible to the public. This is also a cruel falsehood. Brad Ott of the Commitee to Reopen Charity Hospital has been trying for well over a year to obtain Clarkson's records in connection to the LSU/VA side selection process. Not even a month ago, he had to hold a press conference to publicly shame her for her failure to comply with the law. Remember?

Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital


Press Conference Contesting the City of New Orleans’

Law Department Louisiana Public Records Act Policy

Thursday March 5, 2009 / 10:00am to 10:30am

In front of New Orleans City Hall, 1300 Perdido

This Press Conference is being held in direct response to the City of New Orleans’ Law Department policy directive and practice of compliance with the Louisiana Public Records Act. We contend that the effective exercise of this directive thwarts the timely and complete fulfillment of Public Records Requests made by individuals and organizations concerned with influencing municipal governance and recovery from Hurricane Katrina in the city of New Orleans. The policy and its execution must be reconsidered – as well as any public policy decisions made as a result of the lack of public transparency with the lack of timely and complete compliance with the Louisiana Public Records Act.

The Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital specifically supports member K. Brad Ott’s November 13, 2008 outstanding Louisiana Public Records Request of New Orleans City Council President Jacquelyn B. Clarkson. Pursuant to Louisiana Public Records Act (R.S. 44:1 et seq), Ott request included “for review and possible copying any and all records, memos, agendas, orders, directives, surveys, notices, communications printed and electronic, including e-mail, by fax, and/or postal mail in regards to the public and collaborative party dealings of the proposed VAMC/LSU Academic Medical Center, Section 106 Consultation, National Environmental Policy Act [NEPA], and National Historic Preservation Act [NHPA] through November 13, 2008 … as well as the Rev. Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital, Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans.” (Bold type his emphasis)

The Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital contends Councilmember Clarkson’s Office as well as the City Law Department thwarted complete public participation in the decisions about the issue in which Ott’s Louisiana Public Records Request referenced. Deadlines for public comment without formal litigation have passed, effectively preventing alteration by the general public as well as by affected parties impacted by the New Orleans City Council’s authorization of funds in its 2009 City Budget for the expropriation of properties, homes and businesses within the Mid-City Historic District for the proposed VAMC/LSU Academic Medical Center – causing undue hardship and the potential internal displacement of area residents, workers and businesses. We are calling on Councilmember Clarkson and the City Council’s Attorneys to fulfill this Public Records Request, as well as to meet with similarly-situated parties to fully comply with the Louisiana Public Records Act. Other similarly-situated parties, individuals and organizations are invited to share their stories during this press conference.

Ott’s Public Records request is attached to emailed press notifications and will be made available at the press conference. We thank and credit The Times-Picayune and Nola.Com for links to the City of New Orleans’ Law Department Inter-Office Memo on Compliance with the Public Records Act, as well as the interview with Mrs. Clarkson regarding her handling of public records:

Council President Jackie Clarkson: a do-nothing and a hypocrite.



mominem said...

Perhaps the Council President shoudl read the Charter.

Section 3-125. Removal of Unclassified Appointees.
The Council may bring charges against any person appointed to the unclassified service for lack of qualifications, incompetence, neglect of duty, failure to comply with a lawful directive of the Civil Service Commission or gross misconduct in reference to that person's duties. The charges shall be presented in writing to the appointing authority and to the accused, and if the appointing authority does not remove the accused, the Council may order a public hearing thereon, at which the accused and the appointing authority shall have the right to be heard, to be represented by counsel, and to require the attendance of witnesses and the production of relevant books and papers. If, after hearing, the accused be found guilty as charged, the accused may be suspended or dismissed from the City service by the affirmative vote of a majority of the entire membership of the Council.

D-BB said...

You know, I have a problem. Why can't the City of New Orleans have at least 1 attractive female that I would "do". And look at Clarkson's daughter. Wow, now there's a woman that makes me reconsider my heterosexual choice.

Also, you actually ask people to donate to you through PayPal?????? You are joking I hope.

Please add me to your blog roll. If you don't, I will make a penny per day contribution.

Gilbert said...

Well in the interview, Clarkson said she' couldn't get her emails from city hall to comply w/ public records requests... I'm not all that thrilled w/ any of our city council this time around; the most sensible members don't say enough, and the most controversial and unprofessional ones won't shut up.... even though what they say may be great, the unprofessional manner in which our city council's meetings have been noted for have really diminished my appreciation for the their difficulty in dealing w/ the city's administrative branch.