Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stacy Head steps up to the plate

The Councilor for District B has written a letter to the City Planning Commission in support of a full public town hall on the LSU/VA site selection.

By Hand Delivery
Edward Robinson
Chairman, City Planning Commission
1340 Poydras Street.
Suite 900
New Orleans, La. 70112

Re: Public Hearing on LSU/VA proposal March 16, 2009

Dear Chairman Robinson:

I believe that the decision regarding the location of the proposed Southeast Regional Veterans Administration Hospital and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Medical Center are decisions made by the federal and state government respectively. Nevertheless, as the costs and benefits of these hospital facilities will be felt directly by the citizens of New Orleans, I fully support a City Planning Commission public hearing. This would allow all parties of interest to present their respective positions. There appears to be confusion, misinformation, and legitimate questions that need to be vetted. You have my commitment to attend this meeting and I hope the entirety of the Council will do the same.

Please let me know your decision and I will assist you in any way I can.


Stacy Head
Councilmember, District B


How about it?

Give it up for Stacy Head!

It takes real political courage to be the first to stand up and say something. I hope all of our Council representatives will also get behind this effort.


So much for 'done deal,' eh?

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Anonymous said...

The entire city council was acutely aware of Nagin's sweetheart deal with the VA. Within weeks, they moved quickly and unanimously to set that deal in motion while actively preventing residential rebuilding within the proposed LSU and VA hospital footptints. See calendar numbers 26,813 and 28814 as well as ordinances 22,943 m.c.s.,22,944 m.c.s. and 22,979 m.c.s., all of which passed unanimously)

It was Stacy Head who introduced the building permit ban (22,944 m.c.s.) and it was she who introduced subsequent commericial exemptions, such as that described in 22,979 m.c.s.