Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bum Rush

Everybody's getting in on the act these days, huh?

Senator Landrieu has been empowered to go after the Nagin administration, and Ed Blakely in particular, it would seem.

This all stems from Lee Zurik's report on unspent HUD money from last week.

First, the threat to pull the funds:

"I would like to work with the city of New Orleans to secure an extension of the deadline by which the HOME funds must be expended, " Landrieu wrote. "However, unless the city of New Orleans can commit to working with my office to ensure that these funds are going to be spent effectively, I will be compelled to appeal to HUD to identify an alternative recipient for this funding."

Second, a big unless:

Landrieu, who sits on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, went on to say that the city would have to make "significant administrative changes" for her to endorse another extension. Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Allen, said Landrieu specifically wants to see improvements at the city's Affordable Housing Bureau, which is rebuilding its staff.

Think they've got someone specific in mind?


jeffrey said...

Turf battle

Civitch said...

We *have* an Affordable Housing Bureau?

News to me.

Anonymous said...

Every single person who has ever worked at HANO. Or the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority.

The level of incompetence, misinformation, miscommunication, and lack of compassion is astounding.

Someone needs to do a full-on expose.