Thursday, March 05, 2009

Incompetence has consequences!

Big time props to Lee Zurik his latest report. The city is apparently ready to leave millions of dollars of federal HUD money on the table after years and years of failing to spend it on its intended purpose: affordable housing.

Remember, the lack of affordable housing is the biggest obstacle preventing displaced New Orleanians from returning home. City officials, though they have failed to implement anything close to their own coherent plan for the restoration of affordable housing, have continuously harped on the ongoing affordable housing crisis as a primary impetus for increased federal funding. And this whole time Blakely has just been sitting on close to $31 million.

All of the BS that we put up with - the incompetence, the gridlock, the lack of accountability, the lack of strategic vision - it ain't just politics. It's people's lives.


The worst part is when Blakely tries to spoon feed us this horseshit explanation for why the money has been spent. He claims that nonprofits and contractors aren't around to apply for it.

Thankfully, Lee Zurik doesn't leave it to us to just assume that that statement is an outright lie because he finds proof.

James Perry, the head of the New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, said he runs a non-profit that requested money.

“That’s not true,” he said in response to Blakely’s statement. “The money we applied for is combined CDBG and home funding and we were awarded the money.”

Perry said that months later he received an e-mail saying the city put the money on hold. He said many non-profits have been ready to do work since the storm, but the city won’t spend the money.

“When you drive through Lakeview or Gentilly or the Lower Ninth Ward, the thing that stands out is the housing is not there. Imagine how much housing could be back in commission with that money; it makes no sense,” Perry said.

If I saw Blakely right now I'd have a hard time not spitting right in his face.

Get the hell out of here you asshole.


Ricardo said...

Reading the TP article on Napolitano and Donovan's tour on Thursday there was nary a mention of the bicycle munchkin within the hemisphere. No council members either.

Red said...

Get the hell out of here is right!

Squandered opportunity, him and Clyde.

Anonymous said...

Props to Lee Zurick?

This is a perfect example of activists letting the white media set the agenda. The white-controlled LRA has spent only 2% of the hundreds of millions allocated only three years ago for affordable small rentals. Yet Zurick zeroes in on a paltry $19 million of HUD funds. Why Nagin and Blakely and not the LRA and the Recovery Czar? It's becuase he panders to white people who think that black leaders are ruining the city.

What is the price we pay second-lining behind the diversions of WWL, the Times-Picayune, and the Business Council? We become part of the obstacle to the right of return. Our focus yesterday should have been on the shameful tour of Obama folks where no one breathed a word on funds to complete the road home or job progams for all the blacks locked out of work by racist contractors who import cheap outside labor, and the need for federal funds for a schools system that has been operating on state subsidies which about to disappear (along with the creator of the ponzi scheme called charter schools--Paul Vallas.

We need to set our own social justice agenda and leave Nagin to the never-ending supply of Nagin haters.

mominem said...

Props to Perry for Calling Blakely out. All too often he gets away it.

ethan said...

I can't think of a single "activist" who hasn't been critical of the LRA/Road Home. And Zurik is an excellent reporter whose work has exposed the failures of programs meant to help the most vulnerable New Orleanians--it's disgusting and absurd to dismiss him as simply part of the "white media." Anon, your race shtick is uninformed and tiresome. Time to give it up.

Anonymous said...

I don't care to trade personal insults on a blog. Insults are a sign that someone has no rational argument and that's the only reason I blog here.

ethan said...

I didn't personally insult you. All I did was point out that you made a broad generalization about activists that is not supported by facts--and I also noted you also wrote dismissively of an excellent reporter. Finally, I pointed out that you seem to frame everything with a racial lens.

Nothing personal there, anon.

In fact, I don't even think it's possible to personally insult you since you continue to write behind the veil of anonymity.

E said...

I'd really like to stop bringing up the anonymity issue.

I invite and celebrate intelligent anonymous comments.

If this person were to choose a blog ID what difference would it make? The person would still be more or less anonymous. Just imagine that this person's username is 'anonymous,' since we can all reasonably attribute the comments to one individual

The anonymous commenter at hand always brings challenging comments to the discussions.

And I think that in this city, given the history and the current circumstances, EVERY SINGLE issue should be examined with through the lens of race.

Is that the ONLY lens through which we should examine an issue? No.

But let's not get frustrated, let's consider the argument being made and get to a better place through synthesis.

It's a two-way street though because I do think that Anon perhaps too often uses unnecessarily provocative language given that this aspires to be an inclusive place for different ideas.

Let's keep this intellectual shall we?

E said...

Like I think it's pretty silly to go after Lee Zurik's reporting. He did a great job.

Leigh C. said...

Everybody has got to start somewhere. Zurik got to the bottom of why people can't afford to come home - the city isn't meeting them halfway with money that it has had at its disposal for well over a DECADE...and Blakely wants to throw it all on the shoulders of nonprofits and contractors?

The man is more worthless than the paper his resumes are printed on.

Puddinhead said...

"Right of return"....LOL. Like there are Israeli checkpoints keeping the Palestinians out of New Orleans at gunpoint...LOL.

And E,'s not like you actually had to come right out and SAY you feel everything should be seen as a function of race--it's fairly evident already in most of what you write. A little puzzling to a lot of the folks I've always been around my whole life, who always looked at the problems of this city as being a function of class more than of race. Of course, I have the "advantage" of always having been on the lower rungs myself, where it's fairly easy to figure out that you might be white, but you don't have a whole lot more chance of getting into Comus than does your black neighbor. Or Bacchus, for that matter...but that might be more a matter of income than of class.

Of course I guess now that I've been enlightened by Anonymous, the next time one of my neighbors (who are mostly African-American) asks me a question, I'll remind them that the white devil's opinion carries no weight...LOL.