Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If Charges Result?

City of NO press release, February, 2007:

NEW ORLEANS, LA (February 14, 2007) — An information technology expert with 20 years of leadership experience in the banking, healthcare and governmental sectors has been named Acting Chief Technology Officer for the City of New Orleans.

Anthony Jones, the current Management Information System (MIS) Director, will assume his new position immediately. He has worked for the City since August 2005.

“I am thrilled that Anthony has agreed to serve in this interim role,” said Chief Administrative Officer Brenda G. Hatfield. “He brings decades of experience and can help us move toward achieving some of our many important goals.”

CityBusiness, June, 2008:

“The Crime Commission received some information that brings into question some of the academic credentials that (Jones) has asserted that he has,” said Crime Commission director Rafael Goyeneche. “We have asked the city to review his application forms and resume to determine if he has the qualifications he alleged when he was given that promotion.”

The city promoted Jones in February 2007 from director of management information systems, for which he earned $99,000 a year, to interim chief technology officer and a salary of $160,000.

On May 16, Goyeneche met with Brenda Hatfield, the city’s chief administrative officer, to discuss the reports. Hatfield said the city would launch its own internal review and provide the NOMCC with a copy of its report upon completion, Goyeneche said.

As we know, Jones was demoted back to his old job around two and a half months later.

Times-Picayune, yesterday:

In response to the new findings, city Chief Administrative Officer Brenda Hatfield said the city has ensured that Jones is no longer handling any crime-camera work. She also said the findings were sent to authorities, and said city officials would consider further disciplinary action against Jones if charges result.


Now I don't mean to imply that Dr. Brenda Hatfield has established pattern of failure when it comes to holding people accountable for their actions because I don't have to imply it.

It's a fact that Dr. Hatfield refuses to hold people accountable.

Is it really necessary to wait for Jones to be criminally charged to fire him? This is a guy that lied repeatedly about his qualifications. He lied to his employers. He lied to Dr. Brenda Hatfield. And the city's own audit of the crime camera situation (to say nothing of the IG report) alleges specific and consistent criminal behavior.

The most troubling findings by PFM Group of Philadelphia were that Jones filed false invoices to hide the camera project's costs, and accepted plane tickets to a conference in Colorado from a contractor that earned millions on the camera project in a no-bid arrangement. The report called those actions, which Jones denies, "potential misconduct and unlawful activity" and recommended that the city inform law enforcement.

What more would someone need to do to get fired? Have you ever heard of someone remaining employed after falsifying their resume to get a promotion? Have you ever heard of someone remaining employed after falsifying their resume, falsifying invoices, and accepting plane tickets from a contractor that scammed the employer?

For her to suggest that the city is adequately and responsibly handling the matter because Jones no longer oversees the crime camera program is absolutely ludicrous. Ludicrous!!! The guy is still in charge of management information systems, responsible for the new email leak controversy. He still draws a generous five figure salary, too.

At the very least, wouldn't he be placed on leave?

I mean even the Knicks eventually fired Isiah Thomas.


WWLTV, August, 2008:

On Thursday Nagin said WWL-TV’s initial report on July 21 was the first time he was aware of any problems with NOAH.

“It's amazing to me that some people have been working on this quietly and supposedly knew some things and didn't bring them to light, and I don't appreciate it.”

However, council member Stacy Head's office provided WWL-TV with a copy of an e-mail sent April 1 to housing director Tony Faciane, in which Head wrote, “NOAH appears to be a mess.”

Another e-mail from July 3 to city chief administrative officer Brenda Hatfield also addressed NOAH's problems. The mayor was carbon copied on much of that exchange.

Still Nagin told the council on Thursday he never had any evidence of problems at NOAH.

That Brenda runs a real tight ship doesn't she?

No wonder the Mayor delegates all of the tough decisions the good doctor.

In his interview last week to Fox 8, Ray Nagin was asked point blank if he thought Veronica White needed to be disciplined for (at minimum) breaching city protocol by leaking City Council's emails to Tracie White without passing them through the City Attorney's office.

His answer:

Uh, I...I'm, that's... she reports to the Chief Administration Officer Dr. Brenda Hatfield. And I've asked Dr. Brenda Hatfield to look into this a little further and if there's any, you know, thing we need to do from a disciplinary standpoint, we will do that. . .


DAMIAN said...

Hello, A&E. I've just discovered this blog, and I'd like to complement you on your rational tone, your clever and devastating research, and your proportionate indignation.

I obviously have a lot of back-reading to do, and I'm sure there will be many topics on which our opinions differ, but I'll be adding you to my daily reading and I hope I can encourage you when we agree and constructively challenge you when we don't. Either way, I'm certain I'll learn things left and right.


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What a nice comment. Thanks so much.

I definitely strive for a rational tone, glad it's coming across.