Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ahead of the story

Don't know if you read the Times-Pic over the weekend but you didn't have to if you'd been keeping up on your trusty We Could Be Famous.

This is why you should cancel your subscription to the Times-Picayune and instead:

1. The weekly Saturday politics column totally bit off WCBF's Thursday post on the difference between Chicago's vanguard integrated crime camera system and New Orleans' reckless camera contract funnel scheme, down to one of the articles I cited as evidence. All the T-P did was get a spokeswoman from the City of Chicago to say that Mayor Daley was out of the office.

2. Bill Barrow's Saturday look at the LSU/VA latest cites a FEMA report which WCBF discussed extensively all the way back on Monday.

That's right, you've got your own one man news team right here at We Could Be Famous - ya know - dot blogspot dot com.

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