Monday, March 09, 2009

Dear Senator Landrieu,

Please Mary Landrieu!

Don't sell out working Louisianians, don't flip-flop on the Employee Free Choice Act.

Make sure Senator Landrieu knows you'll be holding her accountable for this vote and tell her to vote yes.

Here's the info for her various offices:

Washington, DC

724 Hart Senate Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Voice: (202)224-5824
Fax:(202) 224-9735

Email Senator Landrieu

New Orleans

Hale Boggs Federal Building
500 Poydras Street
Room 1005
New Orleans, LA 70130

Voice: (504) 589-2427
Fax:(504) 589-4023

Baton Rouge

Room 326, Federal Building
707 Florida Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Voice: (225) 389-0395
Fax:(225) 389-0660


U.S. Courthouse
300 Fannin Street
Room 2240
Shreveport, LA 71101

Voice: (318) 676-3085
Fax:(318) 676-3100

Lake Charles

Hibernia Tower
One Lakeshore Drive
Suite 1260
Lake Charles, LA 70629

Voice: (337) 436-6650
Fax:(337) 439-3762


Anonymous said...

Remind me again of the reasons why Landrieu should vote for the Union
Bosses Relief Act?

E said...

Labor unions are the means through which working people organize for higher wages, benefits, and their fair share of the profits they earn for their employers. Some labor unions have become too bureaucratic, it is up to the members of those unions to hold their leaders accountable.

Anonymous said...

Is that a definition from the 1950 union handbook? How about I supply my own definition. Labor unions are the means by which union bosses extort exorbitant dues from
workers to support a lavish lifestyle for union management and to pay political tribute to obeisant Democrat office holders.
And how will this bill make union management more "accountable"?

E said...

I dare you to look at a graph that compares the decline in union membership over the last two decades with the decline in real wages for America's working classes.

I didn't say that the bill would have any affect on union leadership. Union membership must hold their leaders accountable. That's a separate issue.

But I'll take my chances with the corrupt union bosses that shave off while trying to earn higher salaries and greater benefits for their membership than the corrupt ownership class that shave off while trying to earn higher profits and benefits for themselves.

We'd still have 9 year olds in coal mines at 18 hours a day if it wasn't for organized labor.