Friday, January 09, 2009

Silence is Violence: City Hall Edition

I attended today's noon o'clock event in front of City Hall. Turnout was modest in terms of sheer numbers but I was heartened to see so many great neighborhood leaders, activists, and writers. It was a who's-who of people who walk the walk.

At this event, the names of all 183 victims murdered since last year were read aloud. It was gut-wrenching. It's one thing to read all these names online, it's another to hear them because of the time it takes to get through them all. It's a tale of tears.

David Winkler-Schmit brings us the story of Belinda Henderson, the mother of a victim. She's still waiting to see her son's murderer to be identified, captured, and convicted. She also wondering where our elected leaders have been,

“The mayor and the chief of police aren’t out here. Where are they?”

In fact, there was not a single representative from the NOPD present. Not even to make platitudes about the ongoing progress. More specifically, there were only three elected officials present, Councilors James Carter, Arnie Fielkow, and newly elected District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Hats off to them.

But that they were the only three to grace us with their presence is absolutely shameful.

Council President Jackie Clarkson wears that same red blazer almost every day, and the one time it would have been particularly appropriate, she's a no-show.

It must have been at the cleaners.


An anonymous friend remarks:

No ribbons
No scissors
No Jackie

Ha ha! But there were cameras.


E said...

I don't mean to only pick on Councilwoman Clarkson, but I couldn' pass up the opportunity to rag on the wardrobe.

No Stacy Head
No Cynthia Hedge-Morrell
No Cynthia Willard-Lewis
No Shelley Midura

Pretty pathetic...

alli said...

A lot of my coworkers were wearing red today, as was I. I wore a nametag that said "on strike against violence." Best I can do when I can't take the day off.

My hope is that this isn't just one day, but a movement.

Leigh C. said...

Damn, I REALLY wish my freaking migraine would have cooperated today! And I had a GOOD red shirt on, too.

Looks like there were more people out there than there were last year, which is kind of a good sign...and having Arnie and Cannizzaro out there are good signs as well.

Coalition, like Alli says. COALITION!!!

jeffrey said...

I disapprove of the implication that persons around town today either "walk the walk" or weren't there for any number of solid legitimate reasons.

It actually reflects poorly on the event that the crowd was made up of a high percentage of people who were sort of supposed to be there.

At the same time, in your first comment you name several people who really should have been there and weren't. That reflects poorly on those individuals.

E said...

yes, it does reflect poorly. i'd agree with that.