Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Loose Tea

1. My new bff

June Cross of Frontline fame blogged about my blog on her blog. But I'd also highlight Maitri's blog about June's Frontline report.

2. Silver breaks down political strategy and the stimulus

If you've been wondering why Obama's proposal has been on the low end of what most economists believe will be necessary, Nate provides a solid explanation of Obama's stimulus strategy. I'm not sure it's infallibly accurate but it's certainly useful to consider - it's definitely the best explanation I've read thus far.

3. Municipal bond scheme

This NYT article about the investigation into New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is essential. Here's a taste:

People with knowledge of the evidence say investigators are not just looking at a few bad apples, but also at the way an entire market has operated for years.

“It’s rare to sell a Senate seat, but it’s not rare to sell a bond deal,” said Charles Anderson, who retired as manager of tax-exempt bond field operations for the Internal Revenue Service in 2007. “Pay-to-play in the municipal bond market is epidemic.”

Michael D. Hausfeld, an antitrust lawyer in Washington, who is representing some of the cities, counties and states entangled in the federal dragnet, called it “one of the longest-running, most economically pervasive antitrust conspiracies ever to be uncovered in the U.S.” Many of these municipalities say they did nothing wrong and were duped by financial firms, which they are suing.

Gee, I wonder if there might be any New Orleans implications...

4. Polman: Obama no Harvey Dent

This piece is pretty cynical but worth reading. Polman provides a grounding assessment of the Obama presser which I highlighted last week for pro-intellectual tone.

5. DeBerry challenges local conservatives

Why aren't local 2nd amendment partisans up-in-arms over the police murder of Adolph Grimes? Police attorneys seem intent on making the public suspicious over Grimes' gun ownership. DeBerry wonders whether or not the NOPD's public relations strategy calls for a knee-jerk, biased reaction.

6. Vitter protecting himself against challenges from the right

This is an attempt to send a clear signal to potential intraparty rivals.

Beyond making plain his intention to seek re-election in 2010, Vitter's opening-day volley also amounts to a political manifesto, staking unambiguous claim to issues dear to Christian conservatives -- abortion, public prayer, stem cell research, home schooling, drugs, the death penalty, illegal immigration and protecting the American flag -- with a thoroughness that leaves little room for any challenge on those issues from the right.

Don't bring up my sexcapades or else I'll accuse you of being soft on drugs.

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Iron Man than "the Batman" (as he's referred to by everyone in the film) or Harvey Dent (an old school law-and-order man, a term that always makes me think of George Wallace) anyway.