Monday, November 03, 2008

Let's Win This Thing

I'll soon be boarding a plane to return to New Orleans after a much appreciated trip to my home planet.

Here's what I got for the Prezzy:

The state I waffle on most often is Missouri, which I think is a coin flip. Georgia will be way closer than the polls have predicted and so will Mississippi and Louisiana, less than 4 points difference in each. Barack Obama will win with 53.4% of the vote in a pretty clear mandate.

For the Senate:

Democrats will flip seats in New Hampshire, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Alaska.

Georgia, the potential 60th seat, will see a runoff vote. It will be hotly contested.

For the House:

Democrats will pick up between 30 and 35 seats, a greater total than has generally been predicted.

In New Orleans:

Landrieu 55.4%
Kennedy 43.7%

Jefferson 51.3%
Moreno 45.2%

Harlan 49%
Scalise 49%


Civitch said...

Any predictions on the master plan?

alli said...

Indiana's going blue. I'll put $25 on that.

E said...

I don't think it will pass.