Sunday, November 02, 2008

Docs 4 U

A reader passed along a file from a lawsuit during the early '90s in which Concordia, the architect behind the pending New Orleans school facilities master plan, was sued by the DeSoto Parish School Board for various alleged failures involving a high school project there.

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Of note, if relevant:

"Failed to design all project parts for a construction cost within the adjusted fixed limit of $12,154,212.60 including the failure to provide statements of probable construction costs in a generally accepted format while providing unreasonably low estimates of probable construction costs..."

"Failed to provide and coordinate the mechanical and electrical design in compliance with good practice and with generally applicable codes and standards for a public school in the Parish of Desoto..."

"Provided confusing, uncoordinated, and difficult to read construction documents including the architectural drawings and references in the electrical and mechanical specifications to codes for the State of Washington, together with nonrelevant plan information , for example items pertaining to hospitals, garages, and elevators..."

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