Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dean on Louisiana

I just left a blogger conference call with DNC Chairman Howard Dean. Pretty neat right?

I even aksed a dumb cwestion.

Let me paraphrase it and Chairman Dean's response.


I have a question out of New Orleans where obviously we have had some difficult circumstances. Given some of the problems with our local and state party infrastructure in this increasingly red state, can you describe how the DNC might advance the fifty state strategy in increasingly challenging environments such as here in Louisiana?

Chairman Dean, again paraphrased:

Well I don't believe Louisiana has a problem with it's state party infrastructure. The biggest problem has been the displacement of such a large base of reliable Democratic voter base. Losing the governor's office also doesn't help, as that's a very important leadership position and that's kind of undermined a lot of state party efforts. The DNC, since the storm, has had to provide a great deal of monetary assistance to the state Democratic Party in Louisiana. We're hoping to provide more help moving forward. We're not forgetting about Louisiana, I went through Louisiana on a bus tour before we decided which states we were going to target for the 2008 cycle. Mississippi and Alabama too...

I really wanted to ask a follow-up. I wanted to know whether or not he believed that the diminished credibility of some high profile New Orleans-area politicians was undermining the Democratic Party's mission statewide. But I didn't have the chance. Oh well.

Not so sure people would agree with his rosy assessment of state party leadership.

Happy Birthday Howard Dean.


I have heard rumors that a close relative of Howard Dean is now living in New Orleans, doing some pretty noble and thankless work. I don't think he yet reads We Could Be Famous.

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