Monday, November 17, 2008

Dismiss Veronica White Now

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Those of us that have followed the most recent spat between City Council and Mayor C. Ray Nagin is not really about who said what at a hearing. The real issues are the prolonged dysfunction at the Department of Sanitation and the diminished credibility of its Director, Veronica White.

Not only did she lock us into some really questionable sanitation contracts, but she has repeatedly stonewalled audits into the efficacy of those contracts by failing to provide City Council with relevant data.

She also presides over the badly broken demolition process that has saddled the city with what could prove to be millions of dollars in lawsuit damages. The wanton demolition of private housing has been one of the city's most-maligned "recovery" initiatives. Not only does Ms. White have her fingerprints all over it but she has demonstrated a belligerent unwillingness to make necessary changes.

At this point, the lack of trust between the Veronica White, City Council, and the public has rendered the Department of Sanitation incapable of credibly carrying out its mission to people of New Orleans.

WWL is reporting that the Mayor and Councilwomen Clarkson and Hedge-Morrell will meet to discuss the dispute between Veronica White and Councilwoman Stacy Head. I know that a lot of people are frustrated by Council's willingness to sign truces with the administration without actually securing any significant concessions. This time must be different.

This petition calls on the Mayor to dismiss Veronica White as the city's Director of Sanitation.

I encourage everyone to sign it.

And spread the word!


Civitch said...

Let's not forget her absurd and inexplicable insistence that French Quarter residents use 32 gallon trash cans, despite years of a bags-only system that didn't require them to store stinky, urine-coated, street-grime-filled cans in their homes!

E said...

And of course the munchkin can controversy...