Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kennedy campaign stalks Senator Landrieu, discovers she's a human being

Apparently Mary Landrieu buys groceries!

For some reason, the JNK campaign is criticizing Mary Landrieu for her choice of grocery stores and that she's in Washington D.C. instead of Louisiana.

Why wouldn't he just condemn the creepy stalking?

Won't this desperate bullshit backfire for Kennedy?

The Head Pelican don't like and neither do I.


Rasmussen, which always seems to have temperate polling numbers, gives Mary Landrieu a comfortable ten point lead.


A Little to the Right said...

Kennedy is totally and completely desperate.

E said...

I know! What a jerk! He's such an office whore, he'll probably run for Senate (again) in 2010 - as a Democrat (again)!