Thursday, October 23, 2008

Docs 4 U

Conveniently, the City Attorney Office published all of Mayor Nagin's Gustav and Ike related executive orders.

Unfortunately, the link to the order suspending the advisory committee charged with making recommendations as to which applicants would receive municipal economic development dollars remains broken.

But have no fear, I requested a copy of the order and have uploaded it using google docs.

Enjoy! (this one's a pdf so it's trapped for now)

Here's the fun part:

the City of New Orleans by the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana and the Home
Rule Charter and laws of the City of New Orleans HEREBY ORDER AS FOLLOWS:

Section 1: The Office of Recovery & Development Administration ("ORDA") shall
immediately provide to the Mayor, for his review, all of the 2007 applications for
Economic Development Funding, and following such review, the Mayor shall
submit a recommendation to the City Council for its adoption, amendment or

Section 2: Sections 70-407 through 70-408(c) and Section 70-408(d) in part, of the Code of
Ordinances of the City of New Orleans shall be hereby suspended for the duration
of the present emergency declaration originally ordered by me on August 29,

Specifically, the following portion of Section 70-408(d) shall be
temporarily suspended for the duration of this emergency declaration:
"Upon receipt of the advisory committee's proposed recommendations, the mayor
may modify, change, or amend the recommendations in whole or in part."

More Docs 4 U:

I have also published the application (this one's available for everyone) used for the controversial 2007 round of economic development funding.


Anonymous said...

State of emergency declared on August 29, 2008? Huh? Did I miss something in New Orleans? Or, has there been a perpetual state of emergency since August 29, 2005 - he just keeps renewing it annually to keep his power from being attenuated by policies and statutes?

By the way, on a different topic, you should check this out :

It's showing at the LEH building next Thursday.

E said...

Yes a state of emergency was declared as Hurricane Gustav approached. This allowed the city to issue mandatory evacuations and institute a curfew.