Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why even bother nailing the coffin?

The GOP is already looking toward 2012.

Oyster long anticipated Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's tiptoe to the Iowa Caucuses. He is now the confirmed keynote speaker for a prominent Christian conservative fundraising dinner, as reported by the Politico's Jonathan Martin.

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza reads into Governor Jindal's last-minute endorsement of dead horse Senate candidate John N. Kennedy, characterizing it as rare partisan foray designed as a test of his power as a kingmaker. Cillizza speculates that if Kennedy somehow wins or loses by a slight margin, Jindal will greatly bolster his reputation on the national level.

The Reduct Box also reported recently that Supriya Jindal has joined John McCain on the campaign trail. I'll add that Cindy McCain indeed gave her a special hat tip during her warm up speech in suburban Philly on Tuesday morning.

But Governor Jindal certainly won't be alone on the campaign trail.

Habitual boogieman Rudolph Giuliani has already opened up, according to Pandagon. Maybe he'll actually campaign this time.

One could argue that Sarah Palin is only on the ticket as a test-run for 2012 anyway, since she's clearly worthless to McCain this time around. It really is amazing that she finds time to explicitly criticize her running mate's political tactics amidst such a busy schedule of unintentional and embarassing incompetence.

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