Thursday, September 11, 2008

Support Jim Harlan in the LA 01

Jim Harlan is a self-financed Democrat running for US Congress against Steve "the Sleaze" Scalise in the LA 1st district, encompassing parts of Uptown, Lakeview, and Jefferson Parish. Here's an ad he's produced (h/t: Daily Kingfish)

Steve the Sleaze (aka 'the mistake by the lake') should also answer for his political dependency on anti-hurricane protection forces like Edward Diefenthal and Boysie Bollinger. If you look up either of those two New Orleans haters on the interwebs, you'll see they represent some of the Sleaze's biggest contributors, his base. You'll also notice that even though the Sleaze campaigned on the promise that coastal restoration and levee protection would be his top two priorities once in office, when a Congressional delegation was actually in New Orleans to specifically examine these issues, the Congressman felt it was more appropriate to be in Alaska of all places, fluffing big oil's drilling agenda in the Arctic wildlife reserve. (PGR caught this when it happened over a month ago)

In the middle of hurricane season, the Sleaze passed on an opportunity to advance a bipartisan coalition to federally fund levees and wetlands for Louisiana and instead stumped for the profits of big oil. What's even more inexplicable is that he was pushing for drilling expansion IN ALASKA instead of off the Louisiana coast. How is that representing your district, Steve?

What is wrong with this guy?

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Duff said...

Speaking of, have you seen Leon Cannizzaro's latest commercial. It lists his endorsements..including local business leaders like:

Attorney and Community Activist Virginia Boulet
Joseph Canizaro
Gary Solomon
Press Kabacoff
John Georges
Julie Sardie
Educator Dr. Everett Williams
(And the commercial adds Boysie).