Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is James Carter Laying Down the Gauntlet or Is He Blowing Smoke?

Kudos to the T-P for covering yesterday's NPN meeting.

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend and threw out this crazy idea that everyone should be able to pick up debit cards from FEMA before evacuating so as to mitigate the negative economic impact of mandatory evacuation on individuals and families that depend on wages and live paycheck to paycheck.

And look:

Two New Orleans City Council members said Wednesday that they want to work with the state and federal governments to find ways to alleviate the economic distress that hurricane evacuations cause many people and small businesses.

Instead of having to spend all their money to get out of harm's way and then wait on reimbursement, evacuees could be given cards ahead of time for a set amount to cover fuel, food and lodging costs, Councilmen Arnie Fielkow and James Carter said.

Cool idea James and Arnie!

Carter said he is interested in talking to federal representatives about getting assistance to evacuees more quickly, in a fashion "more practical than reimbursement on the back end."

Well Councilman Carter, you are running for Congress aren't you? Is this something you'll commit to working toward? Is this something that's part of your agenda?

Or are you just "interested?"

I wonder how the other maybe-palatable candidates like Cedric Richmond and Troy Carter feel about such a change in federal disaster assistance policy?

C'mon guys, are we running for office here or what?

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