Monday, July 14, 2008

Will Grassroots Conservatives Eat From Kennedy's Flip Flops?

There has been a lot of talk about Republican Senate candidate John N. Kennedy recently.

Though much of that talk has been about whether or not this pathetic showing actually constitutes a campaign:

Doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of enthusiasm amongst Republican activists. I can't confirm this, maybe Brian Welsh can help shed some light, but perhaps Kennedy's people (or person) forgot to put out the platter of Triskets and cheddar cheese cubes. As anyone familiar with events that pair impressive banquet hall carpeting with soulless out-of-touch millionaires who lack any political values other than their own greedy thirst for power, it is difficult to obtain the intern/service staff attendance necessary to make the room look enthusiastic without toothpicks and slices of under-ripened honeydew.

While we wait for reports of the event refreshment situation, we'll be left to speculate as to why Kennedy failed to attract any Republican interest from Republican stronghold Baton Rouge. Mr. Kennedy's campaign against Senator Mary Landrieu is slated as the GOP's only realistic chance at unseating an incumbent Democrat.

Mr. Kennedy himself was personally recruited for the race by Karl Rove, the brain behind President Bush's historically low approval ratings and a future convicted felon. Mr. Kennedy, it would appear - after listening to the advice of Mr. Rove - took a look at all his previously-stated political positions, realized that they were of increasingly popularity in a climate toxic toward the failed policies of the Bush administration, an administration he had been wise enough to repudiate when he endorsed and campaigned for Senator Kerry in 2004. . .

. . . And ultimately decided to go ahead and declare himself wrong on all the things which he had actually been totally right.

That was a mouthful, let me attempt to simplify that into a simple diagram:

Future felon + Kennedy's correct and politically popular positions on important economic and foreign policy issues = Embarrassingly abrupt reversal + adoption of factually inaccurate and politically unpopular positions on economic and foreign policy issues

Pretty clear, no?

Anyways, after Mr. Rove promised Mr. Kennedy all kinds of campaign resources because Landrieu's seat was apparently such a golden lifeboat for the GOP to not be entirely blown out in November, the State Treasurer decided to jump on board the sinking ship.

So how did Karl Rove follow up on his promises to John N. Kennedy?

Rove put the Kennedy campaign on the right foot by allowing the Landrieu campaign to out-raise Kennedy by nearly 2 to 1, in spite of George W. Bush's $500,000 plea to Republican donors and Louisiana citizens on the importance of voting for Mr. Kennedy before giving him a "fair hearing" on his views.

So with Kennedy in a huge financial hole and national GOP helpers slowly backing away at the site of polls occasionally putting him 12 and 16 points behind Senator Landrieu, he launched his refreshment platter and supporter-deficient bus tour.

Now, national GOP helpers may be running for the hills.

John N. Kennedy is going to have to out-conservative an insurgent primary challenger.

With a name like J. Jacques Boudreaux, how can he not gain at least some traction amongst grassroots Republicans?

Knowing absolutely nothing about the man, he should instantly possess more credibility amongst conservatives and objective human beings of all stripes than the spayed down-ticket pet that Karl Rove took from John Kerry's kennel of no-talent castaways.

Whether or not Mr. Boudreaux will be able to raise the money necessary to legitimately challenge Mr. Kennedy's nomination is unclear. It is not a stretch of the imagination to assume that there are a lot of activist fundagelicals less than pleased with Mr. Kennedy's commitment to conservative doctrine.

Either way, John N. Kennedy is going to have to spend a lot more of his already meager campaign loot than he thought on the carrot, celery and ranch dip plates necessary to fend off this most unexpected primary opponent.

I'm no fan of Senator Landrieu centrism but Louisianians would be absolutely out of their mind to elect a stiff like John N. Kennedy when Senator Landrieu is poised to become one of the most powerful blue dogs and effective pork farmers in all of Congress.

I predict a relative blowout in favor of Senator Mary Landrieu.


Adrastos said...

The best Landrieu is like to do is a 6 to 8 point win and I think it will be more like 5 points at best. The Couhig conservatives hate her here and the rest of the state hates anyone from NOLA, which is why she'll squeak by again. That's why it had been so long since we had a Senator from NOLA before 1996.

E said...

You're right about those prevailing trends, which makes it important to qualify "Landrieu blowout" with the work "relative."

But I betcha she can push it to a ten, eleven, or twelve point victory.