Monday, July 14, 2008

NOAH Notes

I have received an email from NOAH and have agreed to a proposed time line for the furnishing of requested documents.

Turns out that requests were ignored because Stacey L. Jackson is no longer employed by that agency. It would be nice to find out when she left and for what reason. There doesn't appear to be any announcement anywhere online.

The agency is now headed on an interim basis by Tonya Durden.

While I wait for the requested documents, I have been in contact with a third party source that has furnished me with additional materials which I am in the process of sorting out.

Karen Gadbois, meanwhile, has uncovered a curious link between NOAH and NORA.

I have learned that it is likely that NOAH will be requesting additional money in next year's city budget.

Think they deserve it?

Anyone know the whereabouts of Ms. Jackson?


Civitch said...

Until this recent promotion, Tonya Durden was the Executive Administrative Assistant for NOAH. So basically you now have a secretary running an office with a multi-million dollar budget.

E said...

What budget? The money's already been spent on work that's already been not done.

Civitch said...

Did anyone ever respond to your public records request for the remediation contracts?