Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jindal Punishing Certain Legislators* With Appropriations Bill?

I just got off the phone with a Louisiana legislator who wishes to not be named. I had called to discuss the pay raise vote scandal and Governor Jindal's veto. While unable to personally confirm or deny the much-discussed political deal in which Governor Jindal pledged to pass the pay raise in exchange for key votes on his voucher bill, the legislator has certainly heard the whispers since the end of the session.

This official did, however, raise the possibility of Jindal administration retaliation against those who opposed the voucher bill via cuts to the appropriations bill to be voted on next week.

The official explained their suspicion by describing the voucher bill as one of only a few that encountered strident opposition since Jindal took office. Further, this legislator described Jindal as having broken an understanding with opposition legislators to work together on appropriation bills regardless of other easily expected ideological disagreements over the course of a legislative session (such as those on vouchers and creationist education).


*If it's true, he's ultimately "punishing" certain districts, certain people, and fellow Louisianians by withholding much-needed money, as the legislator pointed out.

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WetBankGuy said...

Which brings us back to the old argument about why we should treat civilly opponents who don't think we're full citizens and peers because we don't share a conception of God?

And from that high and rarified abstraction, on a really clear day, you can seen them down in the plains herding people into the trains.